Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Individuals of Style - Manon, Punk Is Not Dead. street style Paris . View2

Punk is never dead, it just changes its face and focus.... 

Here we see the a revival of some punk style-codes, coloured hair, alternative fashion sense, nonchalant attitude, but the newness of a fresh smile!
Manon a dancer and student of Comedie Musical, is definitely used to presenting different faces, this is something that motivates her personal style. 

Her personal style is a presentation of her passion for life and all its twists and turns...

Singapore snap shots - A Bathing Ape Store.

Singapore Snapshots - The musical roots of Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Brand.

Getting in the mood for summermeans you need to find the right Polo !!
This summer season has a distinctive celebration of DIY culture!!
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