Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Street style Paris - Passion for Fashion

What are the insider tips for creating your own style?

Discussions are growing at the moment in the fashion circles about the end of "trends" and seasonal trend statements, but there is always an energy around creatives with a personal style.
People who create their own look, when we have enough making the same theme of statements this is what gives life to trends! 

These have to be the new statement in trends and how they develop. 
These are the people we pass everyday that have a little twist, a discrete something that reminds you , next time make a little more effort!
It reminds you of a discarded item that you weren't sure about...
Something that you bought and then couldn't match...
Something you may have in your wardrobe that could give you the same type of twist on your own look..
Yes that's it....! 

An oversized scarf....
A simple iconic black blazer....
White basketball high top sneakers..

Black on black is one of the "must do" looks of the moment, but it is the combination of black items  with seasonal must have items that tell the story.....

-Yes, we are back on track... it is that magic word "Trend" again, linking us to individual items that give it that extra twist!

So make up your own mind, are trends really over?

Maybe we just need a new name?

Thanks to Alexandre for taking part...
Enjoy SR x