Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Kingpins Amsterdam - Individuals of style: Timothy Marcelino

If everyone is moving to the left, to see the future of trends you need to see what's next to break through - The answer is not just as simple as move to the right, but its important to see what's relevant on the left and from here take what's essential with you on this new journey!

Today we talk about the death of fashion, so it is relevant to note that whats new is not always so new, but it has to be the mentality behind it that makes the difference.
New combinations, new moods, new key items.
Identifying with a particular era, is currently essential, but its the link to a new identity that makes the difference.

So if you want to be a style influencer you need to be able to make bold steps.

Take an eighties blue wash statement and express it to the maximum. 
Stonewashed and oversized truckers make it in the mix over and over again, but with the minimal turtle neck, that takes it into some new territory.
Fuller sleeves, larger in the body

Remember it has to be in the mix and never too far away from an original look or contemporary comfort zone.

Wearing a Levi's jacket and topman jeans Timothy is playing his norm core cards quite strongly, and quite coolly! 

Enjoy and thanks for taking part