Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Kingpins Amsterdam - Denim Ganstas: Bas van der Veer.

This is a Denim Hit man....
Gangsta' doesn't always mean dangerous people..... unless he has a pair of scissors in his hands and is preparing a new collection.

As we see here with Bas, his mind is firmly fixed on his cutting action.
Maybe he will earn himself the title of 'Gansta scissor hands', referring to his love of cutting, and a tailored touch. 
His signature is developing nicely with a twist in seams, a reconstructed functionality and a love of making the impossible possible.

He reconstructed his Jacket and Jeans here as part of a recent project for the Denim School. Re-making pockets and re-fitting and shaping his denim jacket.

We will definitely see more from him, so stay tuned.
Many thanks for taking part.

Enjoy SR x