Thursday, 4 February 2016

Amsterdam Kingpins denim lovers: The details of Ron Sanders

If we look at what makes real denim passion, it has to be an overflow of energy and positive vibes and Ron had this in huge amounts!

He decided that today was his day of icons. So that made it easy for me to trend spot him at Kingpins  Premium denim show in Amsterdam.

Usually, I need to warm up my street style targets, to draw out their fashion passion or interesting stories but Ron was really clear about his denim motivation.

He loved his G star jacket because of its workwear and tailored influences, he deliberately loves to mix his denim colours "because that's what he feels is right at the moment."

The combination of super dark denim and bleached light shades.
His particular twist is the sanded beige tint wash, colour mix, and of course the selvedge denim details in the jacket add that element of premium identity!

Hand finished taped edges, Utility pocket details - 

Thanks for taking part. Enjoy SRx