Monday, 16 November 2015

#Pray for peace everywhere - Trends Looking for a Global solution.

This weekend, 13th November, the tragic events here in Paris and loss of lives, really left a sadness in my mind. 

A deep feeling of helplessness, and along with my kids a lot of questions..... 

Why did this happen? 
Who was responsible?
What is their end goal here?
Are we safe?

My logical side started searching for the rights and wrongs in the search of possible cause..... but as we turn through some potential political solutions and unfortunately some political causes, we still come back to an unspeakable wickedness, which managed to take the lives of truly innocent people.

People who had not chosen to enter the war.

People who held no political position on Syria, Iraq, Iran, no religious statement or negative views on these destructive groups. 

- I don't want to honour any of the organisations, by naming them, who profess this evil, but they are clearly accountable for this unspeakable wickedness.

So, after today unfortunately, there will be new entries in our history books. 
A new, very visible, very constant war, which is in process, clearly all around us.

While working today I came across this image.
Where fashion is often very far from the daily truths and troubles we all live in, I found this a very poignant statement.


Why do we have to be held hostage to these acts of violence?

Until we have an answer, why not stop fighting and look for a global solution.?
Maybe one day there will be an option for peace?

Lets hope so.

#PrayForPeace - Everywhere.