Friday, 6 November 2015

Amsterdam Kingpins- Individuals of Style: Emre and Stacey.

They will thank me for pushing them to smile a little - maybe not now but someday!

I notice that some of my denim lovers were working as double agents.
With me it was all about denim love and passion for the blue- but always with a 'Gangsta lean' -
but then with some of the chic 'lady bloggers'- they developed their feminine side!
Broad, wide and teethy smiles!
Fun was re-written all over their faces.... I thought to myself what's up here?!

It is not always right to take a 'gangsta pose,' sometimes we need the bearded smiling human touch.
That's what keep us real!

This is the smiley version. Watch out for the 'Gansta pose' version later!Spot the difference!
Thanks for taking part Guys.
Enjoy SRx