Monday, 16 November 2015

#Pray for peace everywhere - Trends Looking for a Global solution.

This weekend, 13th November, the tragic events here in Paris and loss of lives, really left a sadness in my mind. 

A deep feeling of helplessness, and along with my kids a lot of questions..... 

Why did this happen? 
Who was responsible?
What is their end goal here?
Are we safe?

My logical side started searching for the rights and wrongs in the search of possible cause..... but as we turn through some potential political solutions and unfortunately some political causes, we still come back to an unspeakable wickedness, which managed to take the lives of truly innocent people.

People who had not chosen to enter the war.

People who held no political position on Syria, Iraq, Iran, no religious statement or negative views on these destructive groups. 

- I don't want to honour any of the organisations, by naming them, who profess this evil, but they are clearly accountable for this unspeakable wickedness.

So, after today unfortunately, there will be new entries in our history books. 
A new, very visible, very constant war, which is in process, clearly all around us.

While working today I came across this image.
Where fashion is often very far from the daily truths and troubles we all live in, I found this a very poignant statement.


Why do we have to be held hostage to these acts of violence?

Until we have an answer, why not stop fighting and look for a global solution.?
Maybe one day there will be an option for peace?

Lets hope so.

#PrayForPeace - Everywhere.


Thursday, 12 November 2015

Tue Es Mon Tresor - Japan

Amsterdam Denim Lovers - Kingpins Individuals: Neil Lewty

Neil Lewty, co-founder of Ink Inklusive in Amsterdam, both a creative consultancy and concept store with a unique blend of creative inspirations, expresses his new colour mood combining a techno grey melange Parka with an Autumnal caramel non denim combo.

This represents a dynamic switch for Neil, from traditional denim blues and his recent signature of alternative chic "All Black".

Do not despair he is not in denial of his denim roots, as can be revealed by his reworked vintage trucker jacket - and 5 pocket style his indigo roots are never far away.

But today is a new hybrid, sartorial denim look, with a parka coat from their new collection, a twist of future modernity.

Enjoy and thanks for taking part.


Amsterdam Kingpins : Individuals of style.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Amsterdam Kingpins- Individuals of Style: Emre and Stacey.

They will thank me for pushing them to smile a little - maybe not now but someday!

I notice that some of my denim lovers were working as double agents.
With me it was all about denim love and passion for the blue- but always with a 'Gangsta lean' -
but then with some of the chic 'lady bloggers'- they developed their feminine side!
Broad, wide and teethy smiles!
Fun was re-written all over their faces.... I thought to myself what's up here?!

It is not always right to take a 'gangsta pose,' sometimes we need the bearded smiling human touch.
That's what keep us real!

This is the smiley version. Watch out for the 'Gansta pose' version later!Spot the difference!
Thanks for taking part Guys.
Enjoy SRx

Kingpins Amsterdam- Individuals of Style: Niltsan Roymans

Kingpins Amsterdam - Individuals of style: Maicol Viale

Italian fashion blogger Maicol, bring a southern twist to our Northern European denim statement, but we can still feel his denim love. We are still watching this denim and ties combo..... something is in the air....As the current guest editor at Code Magazine, it looks like the "the Italian Job" is coming to Amsterdam. 

Thanks for taking part. 

Enjoy SRx

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Amsterdam Kingpins: Individuals of style: Demet Young

Demet has her sights fixed on a totally democratic future, with the focus on youth, determination and a cultured vision.
We believe this and we would certainly vote for her if she was running for president!

But right now we can only appreciate her 'Denim Action'. with a perfect mix of vintage and newly designed 'Raw denim' she has her game totally on point!

Thanks for taking part, Enjoy SRx

Kingpins Amsterdam - The Individuals of style Michael van Hal

There is nothing old time about this look as almost everything is new / authentic replica.Watch out there is definable a trend buzzing - denim with ties! 

This man of style is Blogger - Photographer Michael van Hal. Ouwe paparazzi Thanks for taking part. Enjoy

Creative Genius vs Creative madness

Minime Paris is something very special.Drive, determination and an unbelievable fun- and professional character lie mysteriously beneath this high quality label. 
Of course the first thing that grabs your attention is colour - that has to be an overriding signature, and secondly is an energy that is dynamic and totally fresh.This is a brand with a millennial at its core, with an eye for detail and a passion for bridging, quality with a personal style. With an apprenticeship at some of the best fashion houses including Chanel accessories, Marie, started her collection based on fun accessories, hair pieces, hats and shoes and soon successfully branched out into a modern urban collection featuring exclusive woven fabrics, customised denim jackets and a floaty sporty ball dress inspired capsule.

Look out for MiniMe taking over anytime soon.

Enjoy SRx