Wednesday, 7 October 2015

True Millennials - 'Mamo' from Costa Rica to Amsterdam

There is definitely something happening at the moment, I am meeting more and more people who have outstanding hair statements combined with an abundance of Millennial energy.

The colour of the moment has to be a certain shade of blue.
Fresh with new experiences and a motivation to change the world through doing and not just commenting.

I've met a few of them in the recent months and its great to feel their vibe. 
The Millennials I have met are:
Ready to take on new challenges, 
Mobility is an important recurring element,
They all have in common that they are not afraid to move,
They are not defined by borders,
They refer to themselves as citizens based on the country they currently live in, while acknowledging their international or European status.
They are full of discoveries as they look into their new temporary surroundings to decipher the hidden codes.

Mamo - Maria -Amelia - Bonellia - Molina is from Costa Rica

She has had red hair, blonde hair, green hair and now settling on her blue twist.

When I asked her what did her parents think?

She replied, "that her mother thought that this was just a phase!"

Classic! - Unfortunately for her mother, this phase is quite well settled now, its really part of her identity.

Thanks for taking part!
Enjoy SRx