Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Trendy doubles. "Ludovic and Jeanne", Paris Street Style.

Coats and soft layers will be this winters' style statements.
You will have to invest, so be sure to get the right one.
Think it through and make the right choice for the next 2 years!

For women: Look out for the Boho style long tweed coats.
you should look out for a cool speckled black and grey, soft, lightweight tweed.
A coat which will emphasise soft shoulders with an element of volume, and of course, the loose cocoon shapes.

For the guys: It will be a season where the long 'Trench coat' makes it's presence felt.
Albeit next to many variations of 'Duster coats' and all of which will highlight a sense of smart chic, relaxed style and clean, floor sweeping tailoring.

The Parisian twist is always evident in the matching and accessorising with their elegant 'Nonchalance!'

Thanks to Ludovic and Jeanne for stopping and making their style look so effortless!

Enjoy. SRx