Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Fetish Sneakers part 2 - A studded Fantasy.

These sneakers are absolutely crazy.

A quick glance, at these awesome footwear , stepping smoothly into a paris Line 1 metro exposed me to the unexpected- 

One of the first rules of trend spotting.......

Expect the unexpected!
But I didn't expect this!

Of course the colours attracted me, but I needed more- I needed to understand them - (discretely) ....

I'm sure that they are a hybrid of athletic, running spikes, somehow masterminded and inverted on the toe area of these sneakers, but is it also true that they are an updated pair of Adidas Torsions!

Imagine - Transformer shoes. The sole becomes the upper and the upper become the soles

That is really transforming from the track to the street!

(all this on some crazy sneakers, not to mention the camouflage reverse side of her denim action!)
If you know more let me know about these sneakers!

Enjoy SRx