Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Les Cinq Paris - The launch of something exclusive, urban, luxurious.

Don't Believe The Hype - presented 18 of the newest and brightest brands at this seasons #PFW2015 Premiere Class, Tuileries, and it was a very positive selection.

With brands such as Leitmotive, from Italy, Terra New York, from the US, the dynamic approach and concept of Les Cinq really captured my imagination.
A luxury brand defined by materials and high quality workmanship, combined with an urban and democratic spirit, designed by Lisa Traverso who has an electric energy to match her creativity and ambition. This is a label that is forward thinking.

The collection began with refined, urban inspired accessories and attention to craftsmanship. The collection is made in both France and Italy, covering a capsule collection consisting of bonded cotton utility jackets, ultra light technical raincoats, nylon knitted transparent vest and studded leather mittens.

But the main area of interest lies as we discover the meaning of Les Cinq where the Number Five represents a whole new meaning.
The five senses
The five fingers on a hand

The esoteric number representing: 

Les Cinq Paris - store opening at 8 The Passage du Grand Cerf, 75002 Paris

Fetish Sneakers - The new studded fantasy.

Are we seeing a real life "Manga take over" or is this "Mash up to the max?"

my radars are being triggered by some of the latest crazy sneaker fashions hitting the streets in Paris.

Of course Ath-leisure is everywhere and slipping smoothly into the main stream of society, but this is something quite different.

Part Kenzo madness, part extreme punk make over. but the message is clear- colours are not enough it has to go Fantasy studs!

Fetish Sneakers part 2 - A studded Fantasy.

These sneakers are absolutely crazy.

A quick glance, at these awesome footwear , stepping smoothly into a paris Line 1 metro exposed me to the unexpected- 

One of the first rules of trend spotting.......

Expect the unexpected!
But I didn't expect this!

Of course the colours attracted me, but I needed more- I needed to understand them - (discretely) ....

I'm sure that they are a hybrid of athletic, running spikes, somehow masterminded and inverted on the toe area of these sneakers, but is it also true that they are an updated pair of Adidas Torsions!

Imagine - Transformer shoes. The sole becomes the upper and the upper become the soles

That is really transforming from the track to the street!

(all this on some crazy sneakers, not to mention the camouflage reverse side of her denim action!)
If you know more let me know about these sneakers!

Enjoy SRx

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Trendy doubles. "Ludovic and Jeanne", Paris Street Style.

Coats and soft layers will be this winters' style statements.
You will have to invest, so be sure to get the right one.
Think it through and make the right choice for the next 2 years!

For women: Look out for the Boho style long tweed coats.
you should look out for a cool speckled black and grey, soft, lightweight tweed.
A coat which will emphasise soft shoulders with an element of volume, and of course, the loose cocoon shapes.

For the guys: It will be a season where the long 'Trench coat' makes it's presence felt.
Albeit next to many variations of 'Duster coats' and all of which will highlight a sense of smart chic, relaxed style and clean, floor sweeping tailoring.

The Parisian twist is always evident in the matching and accessorising with their elegant 'Nonchalance!'

Thanks to Ludovic and Jeanne for stopping and making their style look so effortless!

Enjoy. SRx

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Extreme Cut Outs - View2 September Issue, By Sidney Rhule.

Extreme Cut Outs is one of the trend concepts from Denim Most Wanted - View2.

Carefully cut, graffiti drawn, hand made with love.

When can you say that too much is too much?
Not in this case, as we see the revival of a personalised and customised energy.
Extreme cut outs is very much in the trends at the moment, as we move on from slashing and shredding into a statement which is much more exposing and expressive.

Remember not to be afraid, there is no room for modesty here!

True Millennials - 'Mamo' from Costa Rica to Amsterdam

There is definitely something happening at the moment, I am meeting more and more people who have outstanding hair statements combined with an abundance of Millennial energy.

The colour of the moment has to be a certain shade of blue.
Fresh with new experiences and a motivation to change the world through doing and not just commenting.

I've met a few of them in the recent months and its great to feel their vibe. 
The Millennials I have met are:
Ready to take on new challenges, 
Mobility is an important recurring element,
They all have in common that they are not afraid to move,
They are not defined by borders,
They refer to themselves as citizens based on the country they currently live in, while acknowledging their international or European status.
They are full of discoveries as they look into their new temporary surroundings to decipher the hidden codes.

Mamo - Maria -Amelia - Bonellia - Molina is from Costa Rica

She has had red hair, blonde hair, green hair and now settling on her blue twist.

When I asked her what did her parents think?

She replied, "that her mother thought that this was just a phase!"

Classic! - Unfortunately for her mother, this phase is quite well settled now, its really part of her identity.

Thanks for taking part!
Enjoy SRx

Denim Most Wanted - View2 - September Issue. By Sidney Rhule

The seventies trend is proving be a period that resonates from the catwalks of luxury brands to the steady flow of updates of the main players in high-street.

Consumers who are more than familiar with these flared and often hippie look statements are enjoying the reinvented revival. Flares are not just flares, it is about the new colours, soft fading, and unique wash features, in combination with new styling and retro 70's details. One of the main connection between "The 70's Manifesto and contemporary style, has to be a current interest in excessive volume.

The 'Volume' message is alive and establishing a key place in the denim trends.
Think large, wide and loose.

(Click image to enlarge.)

Above is an extract from View2 Denim Most Wanted. By Sidney Rhule.

Main Picture extra Large 70's Flares by Guess, worn by Roberta Fabbri.
Insert top. Oversized shirt dress worn by Ame Pearce and High waist vintage inspired mens style trousers by Calick denim, Turkey.

Thanks again to all those who took part.
Enjoy SRx

Monday, 5 October 2015

Denim Most Wanted By Sidney Rhule in View2 magazine.

The new issue of View 2 is out and running!

As fashion weeks across the world come to a close, the moment has come to check on which style statements and looks are truly the new emerging trends for next season.

In my article in the new issue of View2, I focus in on several key style concepts for SS2016.
The starting point is a combination of artistic daring and creative flair..... Extreme cut outs!

Taking into account this winters' trend of shredding and distressing to the max, we see the evolution into "Extreme cut outs" and also "raw edge" cutting.
In my concept I focus on 4 fashionistas who combine a little more creativity of their own, including staying up all night, to finish those totally "One of a kind hand drawn jeans".
'Anam'- (her street name,) did this, to be sure to express her 'all time favourite' Spanish Rap groups. Maybe as a challenge to the "Straight Outta Compton" message!

There are also the 'Pollock' style paint splashes, which are in turn challenged by 'full cut out' legs, displaying much more than a "Bit of Knee!"

Definitely something to work on during the winter months. Remember to get you 'knee action' right in time for spring or be warned!

Enjoy! x SR