Friday, 13 March 2015

Paris Street Style The Individuals. #4

Street Style Paris

Web designer turned fashion trendsetter - Florian, was listening to some killer tunes, at that fateful moment when I stopped him to be part of my View2 Street style report.

He was genuinely surprised to have been stopped in his lunch break!
But what did he expect when he was so well coordinated in my Urban Disorder story!

Thanks for taking part!

Street Style Paris

True Street Style is alive and kicking in Le Marias!
See the authentic skater looks from Pierre and Charles.

Friday, 6 March 2015

BolierHouse Blues - Denim Trends by Sidney Rhule in View2 Magazine

With this fashion statement being both Jacket and Pants all in one, this can be the 'one stop' solution to your style search for the spring summer, in a day to evening look that can be practical and cool. 

With a little investment into this killer item, it can be the turnaround to your style and become essential item and the foundation of your next winter wardrobe!

Boilerhouse Blues is featured in the latest issue18 of View2 Magazine.

Thanks for taking part and enjoy. SRx

Raw denim blue Jumpsuit. Ayr NYC. Featured in Boilerhouse Blues, by Sidney Rhule for View2.

Jumpsuits on show, thanks to Jac at Ayr - New York

This is the right moment to take those adventurous steps.
You don't have to be the first, but definitely don't be the last!

Take the plunge into the Raw Blue Jumpsuit.

Enjoy SRx.

The Killer Pieces SS2015 and Denim Trend Inspiration FW15

Keep it simple and let the denim do all the talking.
New trend inspirations point to a utility mentality, where functional details and a sense of practicality combine with an oversized mentality which is clearly borrowed from utility menswear.

It connects all the right dots at the moment, with this link to masculine style statements - Man Story. While these tailored shapes take on a new look in the hands of women. It highlights a new modern femininity - when we see new designs featuring a twist proportions, attention to high waist, narrow shoulders or 3/4 qtr sleeves are enough to mark new feminist revolution, allowing women to choose how much they are inspired by male workwear.

The Vintage overalls and the Denim Jumpsuit are turning the corner of style heroism!

The Denim Jumpsuit vs Vintage inspired dungarees - 
Thanks to Malin and Sue and their wonderful smiles :-)

Enjoy SRx.