Thursday, 26 February 2015

Killer pieces for the season SS2015 Paris Street Style.

Killer pieces for the season always has a slight paradox. 

What is on trend now with our fashion opinion leaders, will of course inspire our fashion followers of tomorrow, that's the natural progression of trends. 
Thus becoming both a current trend and a trend inspiration - A killer piece!

So in this case the killer piece is the HAT.
........and as the saying goes - If the hat fits, wear it!

The hat continues to be a killer accessory and the more often we take those bold style steps to put one on, the more natural it becomes. Can you imagine the day, when it will really become so mainstream no one would dare to be seen without one?
Or that the new originators of style will go without it?

Anatole - dancer, model, creative illustrator and fashion entrepreneur.

By connecting his artistic passion to his love of cycling, he has launched his own line of t-shirts.  

According to him, his T-shirts express the mentality of urban movement and a vintage spirit!

Good luck and keep the dream alive!

Enjoy SRx