Tuesday, 10 February 2015

FW 15 Trends - Green is the new Black.......

It is probably fitting that my first blog of the 2015 responds to the seasonal question..... what are the new trends?

It is one of those questions that pops up quite a lot, and needs an equally 'pop up' answer.

The pop up answer is embrace and Alternative Modernity! 
Grungy -Alternative - Minimalism and moving towards urban techno sports look.

A symbolic step - Protest - without the attitude.
Long - Volume - Fluidity.
I'll show more on this  later!

.......Deciphering trends is becoming increasingly intricate these days, with so many reference points and of course it has to be about creating curated answers which become easily digested small bites. you can see some of these on my Instagram account:

We all have a thirst for information that can give us a fashion advantage!
One of the first statements I want to bring is about a new colour development.

The new green shades.
We can start to say that there are now a few challengers to the colour black.

These are especially linked to a return to the combination of natural materials and an urban modernity and an increased attention to rich leather, sheepskin and soft suede for next winter.
As a result Green is spreading through many fashion predictions as a key colour on trend.

It is still growing so it is not yet as strong as black, but if you already have that black    
'Bomber Jacket'- I would suggest you start to think about investing in a green version.

Bomber jackets long coats, urban parka coats and a new utility style, express themselves best with these green shades.

You can also see this in my 'Leather colours report", which was launched last September 2014, on the www.pantoneview.com trend forecast site.

I believe in promoting Green as an important leather colour for FW2015.
Especially as it makes up one of my 5 top colour trends including of course Black, a new Rose Gold, soft Grey, Luxury Neutrals, and deep Mysterious Purples.
It will be one of the strongest fashion colours of the Fall Winter collections- so start planning your camouflage inspired wardrobe with a modern twist.

Thanks and enjoy the series. Green is the new Black.