Wednesday, 25 February 2015

From Switzerland to Amsterdam in style.

The Northern European Style.Is this look exclusive to Northern Europe? These Hipsters from Switzerland are definitely supporting this statement, as they blend, seamlessly into the Dutch canal streets, in the search of design inspirations and cool discoveries.Their back to basics colour and style code of urban utility in dark blue, khaki and black would confirm that they were true Hipsters. Almost as clearly as their cool accessories and specially groomed beards!Can we now say that Hipsters have become a timeless classic?These guys were as passionate by their bike culture as the fashion style, they even brought their bikes with them from Bern, to be sure that their rides stayed pure!
Manuel is part of the generation of DIY creators. He does not call himself a designer, he feels more connected to engineering and making things happen. But he is definitely fashioning his future

He Believes in quality that is made by hand. The clean leather straps and clean welding parts on the bike are a testimony to his craft. Plus the custom made parcel rack on the front of his bike are his own design and made by him from sustainable bamboo.

The cropped duffel coat, combines well with an urban mobility rucksack and a customised 
'Fixed wheel' special!

Marcel combines his style with a classic twist.

Thanks to Marcel, Manuel and Yvonne for stopping and sharing their passions.
I hope that you enjoyed your Amsterdam days!

Enjoy SRx.

Thanks to all of you for taking part, I hope that you enjoyed your days SR