Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Amsterdam -Denim, Quality, Style statement.

The look is a typical statement in understated quality.
At the Amsterdam Kingpins show this look highlights a classic revival.
A look combining a smart white shirt, combined with Ruud's casual mood is definitely in the 'Blue Blood' of Amsterdam. A denim message that is crafted from quality and a 'no nonsense' approach.

Ruud Van Esch, Denim Developer wears 'Pure Blue Japan' jeans, just 10 months old.

"I love these Jeans, I'm 'wearing them in', so I've been putting them on everyday since I bought them! I think I will keep doing this until I'm bored."

From talking with like minded contemporaries, who also believe in total dedication to the wearing in process..... 
A tip for a non wash 'home dry cleaning' is to fold them in half then...... 
...Put them in a bag and put them in the freezer overnight. Then brush off the dirt in the morning!

The style message here, is a sartorial nonchalant one, carefully selected traditional materials and heritage items, a classic Gloverall style Duffel coat with heavy construction, made from fabrics which mature with age, an inspired choice towards longevity and simplicity

But the power of this look is in the footwear.
You can always tell a mans style statement by his shoes. The right sturdy boots are always a good indication to someone who appreciates the world of hand made quality.

Thanks to Ruud for taking part and sharing his passions.
Enjoy SRx.