Monday, 16 November 2015

#Pray for peace everywhere - Trends Looking for a Global solution.

This weekend, 13th November, the tragic events here in Paris and loss of lives, really left a sadness in my mind. 

A deep feeling of helplessness, and along with my kids a lot of questions..... 

Why did this happen? 
Who was responsible?
What is their end goal here?
Are we safe?

My logical side started searching for the rights and wrongs in the search of possible cause..... but as we turn through some potential political solutions and unfortunately some political causes, we still come back to an unspeakable wickedness, which managed to take the lives of truly innocent people.

People who had not chosen to enter the war.

People who held no political position on Syria, Iraq, Iran, no religious statement or negative views on these destructive groups. 

- I don't want to honour any of the organisations, by naming them, who profess this evil, but they are clearly accountable for this unspeakable wickedness.

So, after today unfortunately, there will be new entries in our history books. 
A new, very visible, very constant war, which is in process, clearly all around us.

While working today I came across this image.
Where fashion is often very far from the daily truths and troubles we all live in, I found this a very poignant statement.


Why do we have to be held hostage to these acts of violence?

Until we have an answer, why not stop fighting and look for a global solution.?
Maybe one day there will be an option for peace?

Lets hope so.

#PrayForPeace - Everywhere.


Thursday, 12 November 2015

Tue Es Mon Tresor - Japan

Amsterdam Denim Lovers - Kingpins Individuals: Neil Lewty

Neil Lewty, co-founder of Ink Inklusive in Amsterdam, both a creative consultancy and concept store with a unique blend of creative inspirations, expresses his new colour mood combining a techno grey melange Parka with an Autumnal caramel non denim combo.

This represents a dynamic switch for Neil, from traditional denim blues and his recent signature of alternative chic "All Black".

Do not despair he is not in denial of his denim roots, as can be revealed by his reworked vintage trucker jacket - and 5 pocket style his indigo roots are never far away.

But today is a new hybrid, sartorial denim look, with a parka coat from their new collection, a twist of future modernity.

Enjoy and thanks for taking part.


Amsterdam Kingpins : Individuals of style.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Amsterdam Kingpins- Individuals of Style: Emre and Stacey.

They will thank me for pushing them to smile a little - maybe not now but someday!

I notice that some of my denim lovers were working as double agents.
With me it was all about denim love and passion for the blue- but always with a 'Gangsta lean' -
but then with some of the chic 'lady bloggers'- they developed their feminine side!
Broad, wide and teethy smiles!
Fun was re-written all over their faces.... I thought to myself what's up here?!

It is not always right to take a 'gangsta pose,' sometimes we need the bearded smiling human touch.
That's what keep us real!

This is the smiley version. Watch out for the 'Gansta pose' version later!Spot the difference!
Thanks for taking part Guys.
Enjoy SRx

Kingpins Amsterdam- Individuals of Style: Niltsan Roymans

Kingpins Amsterdam - Individuals of style: Maicol Viale

Italian fashion blogger Maicol, bring a southern twist to our Northern European denim statement, but we can still feel his denim love. We are still watching this denim and ties combo..... something is in the air....As the current guest editor at Code Magazine, it looks like the "the Italian Job" is coming to Amsterdam. 

Thanks for taking part. 

Enjoy SRx

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Amsterdam Kingpins: Individuals of style: Demet Young

Demet has her sights fixed on a totally democratic future, with the focus on youth, determination and a cultured vision.
We believe this and we would certainly vote for her if she was running for president!

But right now we can only appreciate her 'Denim Action'. with a perfect mix of vintage and newly designed 'Raw denim' she has her game totally on point!

Thanks for taking part, Enjoy SRx

Kingpins Amsterdam - The Individuals of style Michael van Hal

There is nothing old time about this look as almost everything is new / authentic replica.Watch out there is definable a trend buzzing - denim with ties! 

This man of style is Blogger - Photographer Michael van Hal. Ouwe paparazzi Thanks for taking part. Enjoy

Creative Genius vs Creative madness

Minime Paris is something very special.Drive, determination and an unbelievable fun- and professional character lie mysteriously beneath this high quality label. 
Of course the first thing that grabs your attention is colour - that has to be an overriding signature, and secondly is an energy that is dynamic and totally fresh.This is a brand with a millennial at its core, with an eye for detail and a passion for bridging, quality with a personal style. With an apprenticeship at some of the best fashion houses including Chanel accessories, Marie, started her collection based on fun accessories, hair pieces, hats and shoes and soon successfully branched out into a modern urban collection featuring exclusive woven fabrics, customised denim jackets and a floaty sporty ball dress inspired capsule.

Look out for MiniMe taking over anytime soon.

Enjoy SRx

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Les Cinq Paris - The launch of something exclusive, urban, luxurious.

Don't Believe The Hype - presented 18 of the newest and brightest brands at this seasons #PFW2015 Premiere Class, Tuileries, and it was a very positive selection.

With brands such as Leitmotive, from Italy, Terra New York, from the US, the dynamic approach and concept of Les Cinq really captured my imagination.
A luxury brand defined by materials and high quality workmanship, combined with an urban and democratic spirit, designed by Lisa Traverso who has an electric energy to match her creativity and ambition. This is a label that is forward thinking.

The collection began with refined, urban inspired accessories and attention to craftsmanship. The collection is made in both France and Italy, covering a capsule collection consisting of bonded cotton utility jackets, ultra light technical raincoats, nylon knitted transparent vest and studded leather mittens.

But the main area of interest lies as we discover the meaning of Les Cinq where the Number Five represents a whole new meaning.
The five senses
The five fingers on a hand

The esoteric number representing: 

Les Cinq Paris - store opening at 8 The Passage du Grand Cerf, 75002 Paris

Fetish Sneakers - The new studded fantasy.

Are we seeing a real life "Manga take over" or is this "Mash up to the max?"

my radars are being triggered by some of the latest crazy sneaker fashions hitting the streets in Paris.

Of course Ath-leisure is everywhere and slipping smoothly into the main stream of society, but this is something quite different.

Part Kenzo madness, part extreme punk make over. but the message is clear- colours are not enough it has to go Fantasy studs!

Fetish Sneakers part 2 - A studded Fantasy.

These sneakers are absolutely crazy.

A quick glance, at these awesome footwear , stepping smoothly into a paris Line 1 metro exposed me to the unexpected- 

One of the first rules of trend spotting.......

Expect the unexpected!
But I didn't expect this!

Of course the colours attracted me, but I needed more- I needed to understand them - (discretely) ....

I'm sure that they are a hybrid of athletic, running spikes, somehow masterminded and inverted on the toe area of these sneakers, but is it also true that they are an updated pair of Adidas Torsions!

Imagine - Transformer shoes. The sole becomes the upper and the upper become the soles

That is really transforming from the track to the street!

(all this on some crazy sneakers, not to mention the camouflage reverse side of her denim action!)
If you know more let me know about these sneakers!

Enjoy SRx

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Trendy doubles. "Ludovic and Jeanne", Paris Street Style.

Coats and soft layers will be this winters' style statements.
You will have to invest, so be sure to get the right one.
Think it through and make the right choice for the next 2 years!

For women: Look out for the Boho style long tweed coats.
you should look out for a cool speckled black and grey, soft, lightweight tweed.
A coat which will emphasise soft shoulders with an element of volume, and of course, the loose cocoon shapes.

For the guys: It will be a season where the long 'Trench coat' makes it's presence felt.
Albeit next to many variations of 'Duster coats' and all of which will highlight a sense of smart chic, relaxed style and clean, floor sweeping tailoring.

The Parisian twist is always evident in the matching and accessorising with their elegant 'Nonchalance!'

Thanks to Ludovic and Jeanne for stopping and making their style look so effortless!

Enjoy. SRx

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Extreme Cut Outs - View2 September Issue, By Sidney Rhule.

Extreme Cut Outs is one of the trend concepts from Denim Most Wanted - View2.

Carefully cut, graffiti drawn, hand made with love.

When can you say that too much is too much?
Not in this case, as we see the revival of a personalised and customised energy.
Extreme cut outs is very much in the trends at the moment, as we move on from slashing and shredding into a statement which is much more exposing and expressive.

Remember not to be afraid, there is no room for modesty here!

True Millennials - 'Mamo' from Costa Rica to Amsterdam

There is definitely something happening at the moment, I am meeting more and more people who have outstanding hair statements combined with an abundance of Millennial energy.

The colour of the moment has to be a certain shade of blue.
Fresh with new experiences and a motivation to change the world through doing and not just commenting.

I've met a few of them in the recent months and its great to feel their vibe. 
The Millennials I have met are:
Ready to take on new challenges, 
Mobility is an important recurring element,
They all have in common that they are not afraid to move,
They are not defined by borders,
They refer to themselves as citizens based on the country they currently live in, while acknowledging their international or European status.
They are full of discoveries as they look into their new temporary surroundings to decipher the hidden codes.

Mamo - Maria -Amelia - Bonellia - Molina is from Costa Rica

She has had red hair, blonde hair, green hair and now settling on her blue twist.

When I asked her what did her parents think?

She replied, "that her mother thought that this was just a phase!"

Classic! - Unfortunately for her mother, this phase is quite well settled now, its really part of her identity.

Thanks for taking part!
Enjoy SRx

Denim Most Wanted - View2 - September Issue. By Sidney Rhule

The seventies trend is proving be a period that resonates from the catwalks of luxury brands to the steady flow of updates of the main players in high-street.

Consumers who are more than familiar with these flared and often hippie look statements are enjoying the reinvented revival. Flares are not just flares, it is about the new colours, soft fading, and unique wash features, in combination with new styling and retro 70's details. One of the main connection between "The 70's Manifesto and contemporary style, has to be a current interest in excessive volume.

The 'Volume' message is alive and establishing a key place in the denim trends.
Think large, wide and loose.

(Click image to enlarge.)

Above is an extract from View2 Denim Most Wanted. By Sidney Rhule.

Main Picture extra Large 70's Flares by Guess, worn by Roberta Fabbri.
Insert top. Oversized shirt dress worn by Ame Pearce and High waist vintage inspired mens style trousers by Calick denim, Turkey.

Thanks again to all those who took part.
Enjoy SRx

Monday, 5 October 2015

Denim Most Wanted By Sidney Rhule in View2 magazine.

The new issue of View 2 is out and running!

As fashion weeks across the world come to a close, the moment has come to check on which style statements and looks are truly the new emerging trends for next season.

In my article in the new issue of View2, I focus in on several key style concepts for SS2016.
The starting point is a combination of artistic daring and creative flair..... Extreme cut outs!

Taking into account this winters' trend of shredding and distressing to the max, we see the evolution into "Extreme cut outs" and also "raw edge" cutting.
In my concept I focus on 4 fashionistas who combine a little more creativity of their own, including staying up all night, to finish those totally "One of a kind hand drawn jeans".
'Anam'- (her street name,) did this, to be sure to express her 'all time favourite' Spanish Rap groups. Maybe as a challenge to the "Straight Outta Compton" message!

There are also the 'Pollock' style paint splashes, which are in turn challenged by 'full cut out' legs, displaying much more than a "Bit of Knee!"

Definitely something to work on during the winter months. Remember to get you 'knee action' right in time for spring or be warned!

Enjoy! x SR

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The idividuals of Style - Trendy Doubles "Denim Most Wanted."

At the recent Denim by Premiere vision in Barcelona, new shapes in volume denim are gathering momentum. form loose legs, customised dungarees, and new custom made patchwork denim details.

You can see here the highlight in womenswear, with a vintage Levi's on the left and a custom patched on the right side.

Look out for the full report trend in the next issue of Denim Most Wanted in View 2 Magazine. launching in September.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Amsterdam Street style, Extreme flares. - Kelly Connor, Denim Editor Vogue US.

Extreme volume, extreme flares are becoming part of a quiet "Pants Revolution".

The recent catwalk shows have all featured pants with fantastic volume and a seventies swagger was evident from Gucci to Anna Sui. This is more than a revival style it is definitely a top trend for the stylish massive!

The best of these styles, play with a 70's true blue colour, while other go all out on details too. featuring twin needle top-stitching, brushed and double stitched seams, hem have been sewn up and then let down, to highlight the faded areas and bright blue colours underneath.

Look out for this in the coming Fall Winter 15 season and also an overflow of this look into the Spring Summer 16 directions.

The mysteries of androgynous dressing are not intertwined here. This is purely a statement in ultimate femininity. 
As the volume trend tries to break the grip of the skinny, super slim fit jeans of last season, we need to make way in your wardrobes for the slim fit, flared, hybrid update. 
The flared jean was always predicted to come back, boot cut, wide leg, 'Patte de Elephant', and now we have it we are into extreme flares.

Kelly Connor, the denim Editor for Vogue US, was at the KingPin show, when we spotted her stylish strides. Slim cut on the waist and thighs and then 'boooooom', an explosion of volume from the knee to the hem.

Thanks for taking part.
Enjoy SR x

Monday, 20 July 2015

Denim Premiere Vision - Extreme Flares - Roberta Fabbri - Guess.

Do you remember how you can always tell a true Millennial 'trendsetter'? ....
Not by her flares, but definitely by her hair colour!
The touch of blue, highlights Roberta's wild side!

Look out for my trend report,  Denim Most Wanted, in View2 Magazine. Out in beginning September 2015.

Friday, 29 May 2015

The Individuals of style - Denim Gentlemen.

Some men have a certain recognisable quality, that is that they have a swagger and a sense of style.

It could be the charisma they express, it could be the twinkle in their eyes.
It's always a little difficult to tell and why, but it happens a lot when Denim and Beards combine!

Meet our 2 next Individuals of Style.

Dion a Dutch creative at Mud Jeans, with a passion for both Denim and beards!

And meet Jose  Vives "Pepin" with his  new label JWJ denim, authentic Japanese denim and exclusive hand woven silk shantung under collar details.

Premiere Vision Denim - The new name and the new denim trends.

Denim By Premiere Vision has a new name, it's now under the banner of Premiere Vision Denim. 
Simple and very effective - it says exactly what it is!

This was the new look show under the theme of Denim Constellation. 
There was a strong focus on the magic of denim like never before, highlighting the numerous coatings, waxing, textures, quilted opportunities, the slub thread combinations, the stripe patterns and the new decorative lazering that seems to be driving the new computer programmed laser blasting trend. 
The possibilities available while combining the craftsman's knowhow with technical effects is simply incredible. Somewhere it is almost like 'magic'. As the invisible laser beam passes horizontally down an inflated pair of jeans, an incredible sight unfolds, a new pattern inspired by Japanese Kimonos or authentic whiskers, are instantly uncovered, with the new design being etched delicately into the jeans.

This technique combined with the developments in waterless dying seem to be completely unlocking the potential of a totally new way in thinking about denim design development.

Some of the purist will raise their eyebrows, and put on a stern look, as this is not the original way of doing things... but that's exactly what we are dealing with today. We need to let go of the old values and embrace the new ways of doing things... this is opening up our possibilities.

Even creatives, such as Josh Knight from Denim Clothing Company are acknowledging that
" Today it's better to share!" ........
........sharing developments and technical knowhow between washers, dyers, laser technicians, producers and pattern makers means that designers, such as him, can really achieve the impossible and design with a new imagination.

Q. Is it wrong to look at denim through the lens of multiple techniques?
A. Not at all. This is what keeps things interesting and never boring.

Q. If there are advancements shouldn't we be able to bring them into creative advantages?
A. Of course we need to to keep moving forwards and energising creativity.

Here was an exhibition in the masterclass of waterless dying, non chemical ageing and the incredible laser techniques, replicating years and years of faithful wear details, simply by the push of a button!
Just look out where this takes us!

Individuals of Style - Roberta Fabbri, Guess Italy @Premiere Vision Denim, Barcelona.

A true Millennial always wears her hair blue!
Thanks for taking part.

 Enjoy. SRx

The Individuals of Style - Dio Kurazawa @Premier Vision Denim, Barcelona.

Dedicated to a man who appreciates Maharishi style!
Thanks for taking part.

 Enjoy. SRx

Individuals of Style - Katy Katazone / Worn Publications @Premiere Vision Denim, Barcelona.

The Individuals of Style - Neil Lewty. The Style Foundry, @ Premiere Vision Denim, Barcelona.

Premiere Vision Denim - Barcelona May 2015 - Denim Fun