Friday, 28 November 2014

The Individuals of Style - #ThisIsParis. Diversity in the Capital 2

There is always something great, in that moment, when you capture a 'free' spirit, nothing heavy, no agenda, just light and unplanned.
This is the snapshot between friends who were content to be and out together to feed their desires-
A little shopping 'Entre Copines'!

It has to be about the sensation of realism.
Real life - Real contact- Real reactions!

There is so much happening in the virtual world, and talk about taking time "offline" that we become fixed on seeing life only through the machines in our hands!
But real moments still bring a reassurance that its important to share........ and interact!

There was no reality TV show here, just a real moment of connection between 2 friends.
An off duty moment from 'Illustration design' and in-between, classical ballet lessons.
This is how they keep it real, a cool store, Killiwatch Paris, some new ideas to look for, to plan their next cool outfit and lots of Girls talk - Blah - Blah - Blah!!

Thanks to Melanie and Clara for taking the time to share!
Enjoy SRx