Friday, 28 November 2014

The Individuals Of Style - #ThisIsParis 3

The message was simple- WE LOVE FASHION!

Clelia and AgatheIllustration students, interns and definitely lovers of fashion!
There is nothing in the world like the feeling of new shoes to give you that special smile and feel like you are walking on top of the world! Well, I think that was what they were excited about, or at least they were just happy to see each other - #BFFIt should be great a feeling to be able to share this passion for clothes with someone who understands! Fashion may not save lives- well not everyday!But, it definitely lifts the soul, or at least that what I say!So, when we see like minded souls, it's a moment to connect and celebrate in the church of all things fashion-minded! "Hallelujah" for believers and those who understand -and these two young ladies, who both clearly believe and understand!
Thanks to Clelia and Agathe for stopping and taking part, enjoy SRx