Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Individuals of Style- #ThisIsParis

Avantgarde, underground, cool and modern.

That's how I would describe Alexandre's style here.
It was a look that had "Sports couture" written all over it, until you get 'up close' and notice some of the perfect individual details. Cool closures, Off centre details, the layered shorts, the crocodile leather baseball cap.

The touches of style masterclass.
This is what makes Paris - Paris!

The combination of urban style with touches of Y3 Futurism.
Philippe Starck would be proud of this man's Paris style just for this adventurous and forward thinking outfit.

It would have been very predictable to have seen this coat in black, but the Khaki shade gives it something else.

Alexandre is a Blogger who is passionate by fashion - Rick Owens, A$AP Rocky, music and a whole lot of other things all in the creative genre.

Check out his tumbler- where he creates and 'out- scape' for his talents and those of his inner circle!

Thanks to Alexandre !

Enjoy Ciao SRx