Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Denim By Premiere Vision - Let the good times roll!

Claudio is definitely a "Denim head", a professor of all things blue! 
I like to affectionately call him, Mr Denim. 
Here he mixes his denim in a homage to classic vintage style. "Let The Good Times Roll"

At Denim by Premiere Vision in May, Claudio was in his stylish splendour. 
He is a regular on the style bloggers scene, as he always manages to cut a cool mix of dapper style with a denim edge.

It must be, what I would call, "Denim paradise", at his home, where, I'm sure there are soooooooo many denim discoveries to be had. 
Vintage, originals sourced from around the world, customised and personalised pieces, plus of course special one offs he has developed in collaboration with some of the best fabric mills and manufacturers in Europe. 

He says it's not like that at his home,  ......"No, there are not so many, I don't shop a lot, really, but I do like to shop well. It's really about the quality not quantity!
Hmmmmm, I think from that you can read - ...........He "shops a lot and very, very well!!"
His wardrobe seems to go on forever!

It's always about great details with Claudio. 
These jeans were made by him in collaboration with fabric mill, based in Turkey. 
It's great to see the personal touch coming through with the playful mixed buttons.

This season, it's the return of the 'pocket chain', now focused in leather or twisted cords 
- a little 'Scooby Do' style detail.

Thanks to Claudio, lets see what surprises he comes up with over the next 2 days...... 
The pressure is on!

Thanks and enjoy the denim journey! SRx