Monday, 3 November 2014

Amsterdam Modern Individuals - Individuals of style.

This is the new Amsterdam denim city, where openness and creativity run through its DNA, like the canals run through it's spiralling streets.
The Bluest of the blue fashionistas are here in growing numbers, why is it happening right now?
Well, it just fits the mentality, and the aspirations of a creative few....

Luca Perrone - Designer 
In my continued series, "Individuals of Style" I include 5 great guys, with 5 different beards and one singular passion - Denim.

Last week, while at at the Kingpins Show, Amsterdam, I met up with Dennis, Luca, Emre, Clinton and Toychyro,  who all had a look which, whilst individual, had a message intertwined within their look.......
This is the look of the 'Modern Individual'.

Clinton James - Repair Artist.


Toychyro - Design Student 

Dressed with a sense of style, it is their statement of personal identity that stands them apart.It is definitely a challenge to keep the look individual whilst identifying them on the next level of fashion. Some can say that this look has not changed, Ah but it has..... never quite staying the same!Some of the 'tell tale' signs are the tailored influence of fine stitching and carefully cut seams. The addition of the tie, the twist of a the tough worker boot, the refined needlework of their '1year no wash jeans! Yes, its all of these details, but of course the 'piece de resistance' is in their visible signature, their Beards. Longer, shorter, rougher, black, brown and 'eh ehem' -silver- ,  but always very well maintained!Long live the individual in all of us...... and if you can't grow a beard, you can always buy a hat!
Thanks guys for your time and inspiration!Enjoy. SRx