Friday, 28 November 2014

Individuals of Style - #ThisIsParis 2, Chatelet.

As part of the 'Individuals of style', the search took us into the Chatelet, Les Halles area of Paris, where we met 2 stylish dudes with fashion on their minds!

Those were some serious pants!
This was a fashion mission with an individual purpose.
I love the mix with CDG Play shirt and the revival old skool, Stan Smiths. It really said fashion, but on my terms!

These are definitely a couple of dudes who know their A-Z of brands!

Bags of style and tons of cool attitude. Wait until you see the back of Luca's Coat!

Hang loose, keep it real and say it with a nonconformist conviction!
Thanks to Luca and Emilio, enjoy SRx

The Individuals of Style - #ThisIsParis Diversity in the Capital!

"I don't skate because its fashion, I just love it!
Ryan Skater in Republic, Paris.

"In the summer you can come here, to Place de la Republique, and see more than 250 'Skaters' -
It's just amazing!"

These are the sacred words of Ryan - the Skateboarding 'Passionista!' (someone who lives to follow their dreams!)

Ryan was here to perfect his skill in the art of freestyle skating. Heel flips, reverse spin, and many too complex for me to decode!

But the style code is clear to see, and is crossing the urban landscape of street and old skool skate!
Part preppy high skool, part retro , part hipster. Slim jeans, varsity wind breaker and lower east side Wool skull cap- all the giveaway signs!

Thanks to Ryan for being here to share his passions!
Enjoy SRx

The Individuals Of Style - #ThisIsParis 3

The message was simple- WE LOVE FASHION!

Clelia and AgatheIllustration students, interns and definitely lovers of fashion!
There is nothing in the world like the feeling of new shoes to give you that special smile and feel like you are walking on top of the world! Well, I think that was what they were excited about, or at least they were just happy to see each other - #BFFIt should be great a feeling to be able to share this passion for clothes with someone who understands! Fashion may not save lives- well not everyday!But, it definitely lifts the soul, or at least that what I say!So, when we see like minded souls, it's a moment to connect and celebrate in the church of all things fashion-minded! "Hallelujah" for believers and those who understand -and these two young ladies, who both clearly believe and understand!
Thanks to Clelia and Agathe for stopping and taking part, enjoy SRx

The Individuals of Style - #ThisIsParis. Diversity in the Capital 2

There is always something great, in that moment, when you capture a 'free' spirit, nothing heavy, no agenda, just light and unplanned.
This is the snapshot between friends who were content to be and out together to feed their desires-
A little shopping 'Entre Copines'!

It has to be about the sensation of realism.
Real life - Real contact- Real reactions!

There is so much happening in the virtual world, and talk about taking time "offline" that we become fixed on seeing life only through the machines in our hands!
But real moments still bring a reassurance that its important to share........ and interact!

There was no reality TV show here, just a real moment of connection between 2 friends.
An off duty moment from 'Illustration design' and in-between, classical ballet lessons.
This is how they keep it real, a cool store, Killiwatch Paris, some new ideas to look for, to plan their next cool outfit and lots of Girls talk - Blah - Blah - Blah!!

Thanks to Melanie and Clara for taking the time to share!
Enjoy SRx

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Individuals of Style- #ThisIsParis

Avantgarde, underground, cool and modern.

That's how I would describe Alexandre's style here.
It was a look that had "Sports couture" written all over it, until you get 'up close' and notice some of the perfect individual details. Cool closures, Off centre details, the layered shorts, the crocodile leather baseball cap.

The touches of style masterclass.
This is what makes Paris - Paris!

The combination of urban style with touches of Y3 Futurism.
Philippe Starck would be proud of this man's Paris style just for this adventurous and forward thinking outfit.

It would have been very predictable to have seen this coat in black, but the Khaki shade gives it something else.

Alexandre is a Blogger who is passionate by fashion - Rick Owens, A$AP Rocky, music and a whole lot of other things all in the creative genre.

Check out his tumbler- where he creates and 'out- scape' for his talents and those of his inner circle!

Thanks to Alexandre !

Enjoy Ciao SRx

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Denim By Premiere Vision - Let the good times roll!

Claudio is definitely a "Denim head", a professor of all things blue! 
I like to affectionately call him, Mr Denim. 
Here he mixes his denim in a homage to classic vintage style. "Let The Good Times Roll"

At Denim by Premiere Vision in May, Claudio was in his stylish splendour. 
He is a regular on the style bloggers scene, as he always manages to cut a cool mix of dapper style with a denim edge.

It must be, what I would call, "Denim paradise", at his home, where, I'm sure there are soooooooo many denim discoveries to be had. 
Vintage, originals sourced from around the world, customised and personalised pieces, plus of course special one offs he has developed in collaboration with some of the best fabric mills and manufacturers in Europe. 

He says it's not like that at his home,  ......"No, there are not so many, I don't shop a lot, really, but I do like to shop well. It's really about the quality not quantity!
Hmmmmm, I think from that you can read - ...........He "shops a lot and very, very well!!"
His wardrobe seems to go on forever!

It's always about great details with Claudio. 
These jeans were made by him in collaboration with fabric mill, based in Turkey. 
It's great to see the personal touch coming through with the playful mixed buttons.

This season, it's the return of the 'pocket chain', now focused in leather or twisted cords 
- a little 'Scooby Do' style detail.

Thanks to Claudio, lets see what surprises he comes up with over the next 2 days...... 
The pressure is on!

Thanks and enjoy the denim journey! SRx

Monday, 3 November 2014

Amsterdam Modern Individuals - Individuals of style.

This is the new Amsterdam denim city, where openness and creativity run through its DNA, like the canals run through it's spiralling streets.
The Bluest of the blue fashionistas are here in growing numbers, why is it happening right now?
Well, it just fits the mentality, and the aspirations of a creative few....

Luca Perrone - Designer 
In my continued series, "Individuals of Style" I include 5 great guys, with 5 different beards and one singular passion - Denim.

Last week, while at at the Kingpins Show, Amsterdam, I met up with Dennis, Luca, Emre, Clinton and Toychyro,  who all had a look which, whilst individual, had a message intertwined within their look.......
This is the look of the 'Modern Individual'.

Clinton James - Repair Artist.


Toychyro - Design Student 

Dressed with a sense of style, it is their statement of personal identity that stands them apart.It is definitely a challenge to keep the look individual whilst identifying them on the next level of fashion. Some can say that this look has not changed, Ah but it has..... never quite staying the same!Some of the 'tell tale' signs are the tailored influence of fine stitching and carefully cut seams. The addition of the tie, the twist of a the tough worker boot, the refined needlework of their '1year no wash jeans! Yes, its all of these details, but of course the 'piece de resistance' is in their visible signature, their Beards. Longer, shorter, rougher, black, brown and 'eh ehem' -silver- ,  but always very well maintained!Long live the individual in all of us...... and if you can't grow a beard, you can always buy a hat!
Thanks guys for your time and inspiration!Enjoy. SRx