Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Individuals of style - Men of many talents

Sometimes you meet people whose aura attracts you.
Sometimes you feel that .."I would just like to share a moment in time.... of appreciation" .
.......and just sometimes you find that people are ......
- thinking like you and are actually just what you thought they would be..... "Like minded souls".

Lee Blackmon Music Maker - Dj and man many of talents.

I could see they had style, but I couldn't see that they were quietly working on bringing their dreams alive. - Men of style

This is one of the lesser known realities of life in Amsterdam.

Today we believe that life is about connecting and sharing - but in reality it is much more than this, and these guys know what that means - collaborations and connections with fashion brand 'Ontfront' - Amsterdam, and the Caveman fashion music lifestyle collective, bring them some great results and always with fun and a good musical vibe- 

"Sharing doesn't mean giving away for free, it means joining forces in order to solve problems and tackle challenges."
 Truus Dokter -It fits Trend Forecasting

Riquel Gilliad  Musician, Artist, Dancer and man of skills

Thanks for sharing the time and your passions on life. 
Keep flying the flag- The Men of style.

Enjoy, SRx