Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Individuals of Style - Chic is the new Punk!

I heard a new phrase this summer- "Chic is the new Punk". I love it!
I took it to mean a 'new generation with new attitudes'.
I understood that while we used to be shocked by Punk, we can now be shocked by a new style revolution..... to be chic with a personal attitude - maybe we could see this as 'Blogger Style' as seen on some of the 'off moments' at the fashion capitals around the world.

This is chic in a more confrontational way, a new modern, less classic way.

In this new genre, we have new tools:

Our visible differences- same as Punk rockers.
Our use of colours and outspoken details - same as Punk rockers.
Our non conformity - same as ..... you get the message!

This is where we met up with Nichon, a photographer taking an 'off moment' with a friend, (who was about to be married) to have fun, while wild fruits and edible plant picking, in the Westerpark area of Amsterdam.
She had a great look and tons of fantastic energy.

Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to many.
Enjoy SRx