Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Individuals of Style - Amsterdam Street style- Trends Acting Normal.

Making street reports is always unpredictable. 
You can set out looking for trends and end up connecting with fashion minded free spirits. Then the deciphering begins. What is passion and hat is fashion.....?

In a few unique moments I am exposed to a micro snapshot of life and how people share and present themselves, my interactions with these "Individuals of style" was always short but very memorable. 

I met, artists, photographers, students from London, painters, nannies, carers, performers, people who didn't know where to go next, band managers, gallery curators and a lot of creative dreamers.

Their presence in the streets of Amsterdam, nourished my creativity and mind in a way that I found inspiring- by their look, and honest by their commentary.

This is not in response to the trend of "The celebration of me" - Where the "selfie" generation, express their style statements for all to judge or reward with 'likes' or 're-pins', but this is my way to capture a mood of the moment and to share on a wider scale some of the examples of how people bring about their self expression- a new form of individual tribalism.

Thanks for taking part, you can enjoy the pages in 'life-size' in the magazine View2. 
Let me know if you need more information.

Thanks and Enjoy SRx