Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Amsterdam Loves You.

THIS IS AMSTERDAM -a city known for many obvious things, but one which still holds many secrets. Things that you can only appreciate once you live there- and even more tellingly- 
Things you will only discover ..... as the 'Passenger' song "Let her go"- says only discover how much you miss it when you..... 'let her go!'....

One of these lesser know attributes that take a grip on you slowly, like, after you have lived there for some time - 10 years for example, is its ability to drive you to accept peoples differences, even to the point of celebrating their individualism.

Its passion for the individual and a connection to your own personal style is something that I have come to understand as being very Dutch.

But this is in direct conflict and contrast to modern Dutch behaviour which is very "Inclusive".
For example - its very positive in Holland to be "Working in teams" and not in 'Silos'. 
"Working in a matrix" rather than in closed departments. 
A common Phrase is also "Lets connect over coffee!"

On this point the base of this concept is that the best ideas come from working together
See the the phrase 1+1 = 3 and is therefore better than 2. 
(Took me a long time to understand this- 1+1 has always =2, but then I was coming from the Anglo-Saxon world- where things are very directive, as I was told!)

Conclusion, a shared idea is better than an idea developed in isolation.
hmmm need to check back on this.

Enjoy SRx