Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Individuals of Style - Amsterdam Via London

"The boys from in and around London".

This was a great encounter on the Vijsel Gracht in Amsterdam, these 5 nonchalant guys, friends from school and colleges, were taking a trip to Amsterdam before going separately to some of the Uk's top Universities. 

I bumped into them happily reminiscing over the night before! (Less said!)

Dom- Bristol University, 
Flinton - Oxford University, 
James- Bristol University, 
Oscar - Cambridge University, 
Isaac - UCL.

Who said having brains meant that you would have to sacrifice a sense of style!
These guys all have a statement that is modest, and collectively cool.
Thanks for stopping and taking part!

Good luck and maybe see you in a few more years!
Enjoy SRx

Amsterdam Loves You.

THIS IS AMSTERDAM -a city known for many obvious things, but one which still holds many secrets. Things that you can only appreciate once you live there- and even more tellingly- 
Things you will only discover ..... as the 'Passenger' song "Let her go"- says only discover how much you miss it when you..... 'let her go!'....

One of these lesser know attributes that take a grip on you slowly, like, after you have lived there for some time - 10 years for example, is its ability to drive you to accept peoples differences, even to the point of celebrating their individualism.

Its passion for the individual and a connection to your own personal style is something that I have come to understand as being very Dutch.

But this is in direct conflict and contrast to modern Dutch behaviour which is very "Inclusive".
For example - its very positive in Holland to be "Working in teams" and not in 'Silos'. 
"Working in a matrix" rather than in closed departments. 
A common Phrase is also "Lets connect over coffee!"

On this point the base of this concept is that the best ideas come from working together
See the the phrase 1+1 = 3 and is therefore better than 2. 
(Took me a long time to understand this- 1+1 has always =2, but then I was coming from the Anglo-Saxon world- where things are very directive, as I was told!)

Conclusion, a shared idea is better than an idea developed in isolation.
hmmm need to check back on this.

Enjoy SRx

The Individuals of Style - Amsterdam Style Cats

Some inspired moments can unearth some of the 'gems' of life....
Bubbly, buzzing and full of positive vibes, this young style- Avantgardista 
(See View2- Amsterdam Street Style report-) ...........was taking her usual daily routines and choosing  to step out of the mainstream and follow her passion to work with children.

Probably the most stylish nursery assistant in Amsterdam.......

Sabrina - Passionate by children with learning difficulties- 
(and of course in customising her clothes and fashioning her own look!)

Individuals of Style - Chic is the new Punk!

I heard a new phrase this summer- "Chic is the new Punk". I love it!
I took it to mean a 'new generation with new attitudes'.
I understood that while we used to be shocked by Punk, we can now be shocked by a new style revolution..... to be chic with a personal attitude - maybe we could see this as 'Blogger Style' as seen on some of the 'off moments' at the fashion capitals around the world.

This is chic in a more confrontational way, a new modern, less classic way.

In this new genre, we have new tools:

Our visible differences- same as Punk rockers.
Our use of colours and outspoken details - same as Punk rockers.
Our non conformity - same as ..... you get the message!

This is where we met up with Nichon, a photographer taking an 'off moment' with a friend, (who was about to be married) to have fun, while wild fruits and edible plant picking, in the Westerpark area of Amsterdam.
She had a great look and tons of fantastic energy.

Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to many.
Enjoy SRx

The Individual of Style - Amsterdam Style Cats

It is always a pleasure to appreciate someones style when they assume it so well.
On seeing Maarten, whistling and carrying his fashion passion so naturally, it was inevitable that we would stop and talk. The hat, the scarf, the colour of the shirt, all bring this look into a style of its own, but of course, he should know what he is doing, as he works as a visual merchandiser for .... Chanel.

Great look and a great style.
Thanks for stopping and taking part.

Enjoy SR

Individuals of Style - Amsterdam Street style- Trends Acting Normal.

Making street reports is always unpredictable. 
You can set out looking for trends and end up connecting with fashion minded free spirits. Then the deciphering begins. What is passion and hat is fashion.....?

In a few unique moments I am exposed to a micro snapshot of life and how people share and present themselves, my interactions with these "Individuals of style" was always short but very memorable. 

I met, artists, photographers, students from London, painters, nannies, carers, performers, people who didn't know where to go next, band managers, gallery curators and a lot of creative dreamers.

Their presence in the streets of Amsterdam, nourished my creativity and mind in a way that I found inspiring- by their look, and honest by their commentary.

This is not in response to the trend of "The celebration of me" - Where the "selfie" generation, express their style statements for all to judge or reward with 'likes' or 're-pins', but this is my way to capture a mood of the moment and to share on a wider scale some of the examples of how people bring about their self expression- a new form of individual tribalism.

Thanks for taking part, you can enjoy the pages in 'life-size' in the magazine View2. 
Let me know if you need more information.

Thanks and Enjoy SRx

Amsterdam Individuals of Style- The Style Cats

How do we define these 'Cats of Style?'

Talented - Passionate - Free Spirits.
This is the way to keep your ideas pure. 
Keep them achievable, drive from your heart and always add a touch of style.

Mr CHRIS DIJKSTERHUIS - Photographer, Amsterdam Fashion Week  Nether - Better

The Individuals of style - Men of many talents

Sometimes you meet people whose aura attracts you.
Sometimes you feel that .."I would just like to share a moment in time.... of appreciation" .
.......and just sometimes you find that people are ......
- thinking like you and are actually just what you thought they would be..... "Like minded souls".

Lee Blackmon Music Maker - Dj and man many of talents.

I could see they had style, but I couldn't see that they were quietly working on bringing their dreams alive. - Men of style

This is one of the lesser known realities of life in Amsterdam.

Today we believe that life is about connecting and sharing - but in reality it is much more than this, and these guys know what that means - collaborations and connections with fashion brand 'Ontfront' - Amsterdam, and the Caveman fashion music lifestyle collective, bring them some great results and always with fun and a good musical vibe- 

"Sharing doesn't mean giving away for free, it means joining forces in order to solve problems and tackle challenges."
 Truus Dokter -It fits Trend Forecasting

Riquel Gilliad  Musician, Artist, Dancer and man of skills

Thanks for sharing the time and your passions on life. 
Keep flying the flag- The Men of style.

Enjoy, SRx