Sunday, 31 August 2014

Denim Details - The 1 year no wash look.

Authenticity is one of the keys to the right denim wash. With premium denim often connected to high quality, high priced selvage Japanese denim, there have been some advantages to going deeper into the research chambers to find that perfect wash.

Too many whiskers or creases and it will look artificial, too few and it will look flat. The path to the right washed look is littered with trials, tests and challenges. 
As personal vintage archives grow, in order to be able to replicate authentic looking details, it is the work of the new generation to create their own statement.
"Our own skills, our own ideas, all done in our own way".

Did you ever wonder what happened if you wore your new, raw denim jeans, almost every day for more than a year?

Well, these young creatives tested it.
......... and these are the results.....

Diogo Aguiar with his own collection  - called Those Who Wander are Lost.

King Yu Yui - with his Lee 101 - 14 Months without washing. - 
Only hanging out to 'air' naturally - (Honestly!)

Stacey Denzel Janmaat - with his own collection 'Dempsey Denim'. 
This has a unique left side Coin Pocket.

The famous left hand 'Coin Pocket.' 
- Because he is left handed ...... of course!

Thanks to everyone who took part. Enjoy. SRx