Friday, 20 June 2014

One True Artisan - Denim By Premiere Vision.

Let's celebrate the artisan skills of a master craftsman.
Made by hand, can really mean 'Made by hand'.

Concepts and ideas can drive creativity, but somewhere in the process we all need to keep alive the skills of 'the perfectionist'. 
Driven by his talent and the desire for the hand made finish, an 'Artisan' is someone who believes in taking that design challenge ... just a little further.


Teppei Sugaya is a true artisan.
This cool colour combination, a strong tip for colour directions for next Fall Winter 2015. 
A Greyish / Green with an industrial feel. 

I love the twist with industrial trims and the clean edge details.

Dapper tailored pants, in a cotton herringbone, tweed weave, with a nod to the denim god.

Thanks for taking part, hope you enjoy the experience. SRx.