Friday, 13 June 2014

Denim By PV Barcelona - Did You Play The Game

After a  lot of anticipation, short movies and a build up of suspense - it happened.
The game was now on... Denim by Premiere Vision was in Barcelona!
Warm, vibrant, friendly and filled with the fun tastes of the next season in denim. 

Where are we going? ..... well, we need to know that the denim futurists say, that everything is about washing a pair of jeans, in only one cupful of water.....! 

 Well, by 'Nano vapours' and 'injecting steam' in the wash process, of course!

In terms of colour and look, Blue is definitely back in a big way... time to look into your jeans plans, through the various shades of blue,
to find your 'True Blue" favourite.....

Thanks for taking part. Enjoy SRx