Friday, 20 June 2014

Denim By Premiere Vision - Barcelona The launch of a Brand New Blue.

Denim By Premiere Vision moved to Barcelona this season.
The mission, to launch the Denim directions for Fall / Winter 2015 or add confirmations to the bookings for Early Spring '15 and even top up on cool ideas for short term orders for Fall / Winter 2014.

It was a 'Hot bed' of new inspiration and new energies in Denim.
The newest innovations, the experiments of the last 10 months, if not, in some cases the developments of the last 12 years, have now come to light in what looks like a mentality change in the denim market...

The newest innovations are clearly focused on how to "Clean up your denim act!"

The people, the denim and the new Generation of Blue Mentalities.

Act ECO - one of the most inspiring new innovations, is focused on ECO. Highlighting how to wash with less water. In some cases, it is now possible to do a complete wash process, using only 1 cup of water per jean!
How? Through 'Nano vapour particles' and steam!

New WATER - LESS dying processes are now possible through fibre dying, before the fabric is actually woven, it is injected with dye, this way using less water and actually keeping a stronger colour longer!

ICE BLASTING now replaces 'Sand blasting'. A traditional process which required a huge amount of water in the finishing process. Now with ice blasting, water is frozen to below -70 degrees and then using high powered CO2 gas, it's blasted back on the jeans to create textures and original features. The next phase is to re-capture the manufacturers output of CO2 and to close the chain using their own, internally produced CO2 to create the new gas to blast the ice through. The design details achieved can replicate the original vintage details with 100% accuracy.

A New GENERATION is going it alone. Some of the most determined and talented new designers I've met in a long time, are taking on the big industry names and creating their own collections and products, with concepts that are not only creative but personally inspiring and individual.

Based on concepts around a perfect fit, a family heritage or just simply the right product at a new 'True price.' They aim to use their concepts, to reach a consumer market, who appreciate their energy and commitment.
They have an 'Honest design approach' which is fresh, and contagious. This is their power to communicate their passion and their ambitions. The restrictions of the 'Mass market' are not allowing them to express this passion. So..... with a little help from their friends..... they begin to share their knowledge and collaborate together on a new kind of denim and design partnership.

The ingredients are simple, a friend who is great at 'this' and has experience with washing, a boyfriend of another friend who has a 'vintage store' in the city, with a great collection of original pieces. Finally the designer, themselves, who have the inspiration for something unique, in their own way.

This was truly a 'Carnival' of new expression, in all things Denim.

This was the launch of the BRAND NEW BLUE.

Filterlife - Flash City Visit blog trends. Denim By Premiere Vision.
Look out for the full report, 'out' in September 2014, in View 2 Magazine.

To all the people I met in Barcelona, thanks for taking part. Be part of the vision!
Enjoy SRx

Denim Details - Denim By Premiere Vision.

Inspired ideas from a new Label Dawn, as seen at Denim By Premiere Vision. 
Raw, rinse wash, denim jacket with fitted shape and antique copper zip pocket details.

Denim By Premiere Vision - Inspired wallet chains.

One True Artisan - Denim By Premiere Vision.

Let's celebrate the artisan skills of a master craftsman.
Made by hand, can really mean 'Made by hand'.

Concepts and ideas can drive creativity, but somewhere in the process we all need to keep alive the skills of 'the perfectionist'. 
Driven by his talent and the desire for the hand made finish, an 'Artisan' is someone who believes in taking that design challenge ... just a little further.


Teppei Sugaya is a true artisan.
This cool colour combination, a strong tip for colour directions for next Fall Winter 2015. 
A Greyish / Green with an industrial feel. 

I love the twist with industrial trims and the clean edge details.

Dapper tailored pants, in a cotton herringbone, tweed weave, with a nod to the denim god.

Thanks for taking part, hope you enjoy the experience. SRx.

Denim Worship - Denim by Premiere Vision. Details update.

The Denim by Premiere Vision show which recently moved from Paris to Barcelona, was a hot bed of new ideas and inspirations. Bigger than ever and armed with a renewed air of enthusiasm and a warm Catalan hospitality, the denim world descended on place de Espana, to worship the denim god!


Take one bleach wash denim jacket and super size it! 
Enlarged pockets, oversized details, and an off the shoulders drape combines well with the  authentic 1980's wash. 

Just for good measure - to get the look complete, you should plan a little trip to Nasa station and pick up an original Space shuttle badge!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Denim By Premiere vision. - The Individuals of style.

There are 'rare pearls' which keep our fashion passion alive, in my view, they are Individuals of Style.

It is the individualists who trigger our curiosity, with their unusual combinations, their quirky twists, and their absolutely, fun nature. 
These are people who are prepared to push things out there, ..... just a little, ......or even by a lot!

Love the customised cuts and repairs jeans!

Thanks for taking part, enjoy SRx

The Individuals of Style - Denim By Premiere Vision.

Thanks for taking part. enjoy SRx.

The Individuals of Style - Denim By Premiere Vision.


Thanks for taking part. Enjoy SRx.

The Individuals of Style - Denim By Premiere Vision.

Thanks for taking part, enjoy SRx.

The Individuals of Style. - Denim By Premiere Vision.

Thanks for taking Part. Enjoy SRx.

Denim By PV Barcelona - Did You Play The Game

After a  lot of anticipation, short movies and a build up of suspense - it happened.
The game was now on... Denim by Premiere Vision was in Barcelona!
Warm, vibrant, friendly and filled with the fun tastes of the next season in denim. 

Where are we going? ..... well, we need to know that the denim futurists say, that everything is about washing a pair of jeans, in only one cupful of water.....! 

 Well, by 'Nano vapours' and 'injecting steam' in the wash process, of course!

In terms of colour and look, Blue is definitely back in a big way... time to look into your jeans plans, through the various shades of blue,
to find your 'True Blue" favourite.....

Thanks for taking part. Enjoy SRx