Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Trends - All dressed up - London style

They say that everyone can have their chance at 15 minutes of fame!

Well it has to be true..... Andy Warhol said so...........

If 'Flash City Visit' = Fame, then this is the first step!

'Becks' was in very nonchalant mood in Newburgh Street, London, with sharp, flashes of colour and a definite London style edge.

This is the way London stands out. It's the combination of well found key items and a crazy passion for fashion, that keeps London original and difficult to mimic. 

That's what I like to call keeping the 'Boutique' spirit alive. 
I love the fact that there is a little of everything, but in a way that is difficult to pigeon hole.

It's without a recognised formula and has a certain amount of unpredictability.

It's a shy claim to fame!

In breaking down this spontaneity, just imagine if we were to make a list through Becks' outfit, 

1. Green Fedora, 
2. Black leather 'Biker' style jacket, 
3. Multicoloured Isabel Marant scarf 
4. Mini print Silky Jumpsuit
5. Red patent Ballerinas....... 

What would you get? 
Perhaps a little chaos?

Well, we are not really sure how this look would all fall together, but strolling casually and very deep in 'Chat' was Becks! (Just to add she was with a friend, not just talking to herself!)

She brought the whole outfit alive!

This young London woman turned on the style by mixing these colours and pieces together, in an un-imitable way. It's all in her small details, a super, sharp look!

Thanks for taking the time to be part of this story, enjoy. SR x