Monday, 19 May 2014

Trends -All Dressed Up - The London Cool Cats

It was during an April afternoon recently, in Carnaby Street, London, that this 'style spotting' scene took place...... but, haven't we seen them before? 

When was it? See earlier post below!

Charlie, November 2013, Hanbury Street, London, E1.

What was it that made us remember this guy?
The smile, the laugh, the slick steps? 
Or was it the general "Cool Cats Style?

Yes definitely- that 'Cool Cats style!!

Charlie and his buddy were 'cool stepping' in London last week when our paths crossed....again!

It was a certainty that they needed to be featured in the latest version of the London Style Trends.

They had a look that was 'firing' on all cylinders.
All in Black, with a swagger that was modest but totally individual.

This mix of London / English style with the Bowler hat and the platformed Brogues made the right statement. In today's fashion stakes, it's the 'All in Black' theme, which brings this look into a classic modern dimension.

We all know by now that the bomber jacket is going to be one of this Fall / Winter 2014, 'Key Items' . So be sure to take these style tips on how to mix this classic iconic piece into a modern day hero!

Yes, there were some similarities to the ACF - (Art Comes First) - style dudes, or even the upcoming exposition #rudeboysreturn at Somerset house soon, but Charlie has something more than just youth, to make his look individual, it is the touch of the 'Ethnic / Japanese pattern' influence that brings this into it's own right, and of course the 'dapper dan' stripe socks!

click here to see more from Art Comes First on Instagram. 

click here Art Comes First on Instagram 

Just a little note but a big MUST - you need to book this exposition in your diaries! 


Return of the Rudeboy w/  

But we also need to take note as this modern guru, (Below.) has also some 'Cool Cat' steps of his own.
A little nod to Hood by Air  NYC collective, with the oversized, slouched hooded sweat top, clean black 'Coach' jacket and a multi patterned cap.

This was definitely something out of a 'Personal style' school. Adapted with an original twist.
We also love the smokey round frame 'shades' !

Thanks for taking part guys, and keep stepping out with the 'Cool Cat' moves!

Enjoy Sid Rhule. x