Monday, 19 May 2014

Trends All Dressed Up - The London Cool Cats #2

Is it possible to break down the London 'Cool Cats style?'

Some simple accessories and a few, well chosen, 'Key Items' are the starting point, then an adoption of these cool ingredients to make it your own look!

Yes, that's it, give it a try!!

We will try and take you through 'Six Steps' to achieve 'Cool Cat Style!'

Step 1 - Key item - The Sweat Bomber in 'Black!'
Step 2 - Key item - The Casual Sweatshirt. - Black Pearl' (Dark Purple / Black.)
Step 3 - Key item - Skinny Black jeans
Step 4 - Key item Footwear - Nike Air - Black
Step 5 - Key Item - The Leather Rucksack - Black.
Step 6 - This seasons Cool Cat must have accessory - The Black Hat.

Of course, 'the look of - Effortless' is an statement, but 'not such an easy trick to make happen!' 
It lures you into working a little harder in the mirror to make sure you get it just right!

Thanks for taking part, enjoy the looks, Sid Rhule. x