Monday, 12 May 2014

Amsterdam Denim Days - Maverick Spirit.

This is a 'Maverick Spirit', expressive, free and determined to create the unconventional.

After a short discussion with Stacy, on the subject of how brands develop today, he expressed that with his label, Dempsey Denim, he aims to keep his prices very realistic. 
His collection of high quality, Japanese Selvedge edge, denims start at €150 per pair. 
He believes that more people should work on 'A fair price, for the right product'. 

"Why should creatively designed clothes be overpriced?" "it has to be accessible, the people I want to wear my denim, don't always have large disposable incomes." 

Why don't brands and designers price their items based on a true reflection of what it's worth?

The Maverick Spirit. The left handed 'ticket pocket'.

Authentic wash and natural creases.

It was evident that there is a deeper thinking behind this story. 
Stacey is 27 yrs old and believes that his young approach and his connected philosophy, brings him in contact with retailers that want to connect closer to his story and ideas.
This takes him into a different world where people appreciate his honesty and down to earth attitude.

This extends to a plan he has where with each pair of denims, there will be a cherished family recipe for a shared better, healthier future. 
We agreed that, honest stories bring us further than words or actions. They enter us into a creative zone that can feed our dreams and are an expression of our freedom.

The 'Maverick Spirit' is a blend of layers that carry a personal message. The mix of ancient fabrics, worn and distressed textures, driving a sense of independence and creativity.

There is a new generation coming through, who are influencing the future. 

Be part of the vision and enjoy the experience!

Cool Maverick style, layered, honest, creative.

Blended weave scarf, Versace "Liz Hurley- Dress pins" and an indigo nature.

Thanks for taking part. Enjoy SR x.