Monday, 5 May 2014

All Dressed up. London Cool Cats Street trend.

There may be a bit of a theme running here, but as the phrase goes.......
Once is an opportunity, Twice is a direction and definitely becoming a trend....

So here we stumble into a 'Cool Cats Style' trend. 
It's about monochrome dressing, all back in this case with a dapper twist.

It looks effortless, but it is really not to be confused with the "Normcore" trend spreading across US & Europe at the moment. 
Normcore is the reaction to the "'Over Fashion' style statements brought to you by - errrr 
'Would be' 'Fashion Bloggers' (Sic-!).

Normcore definition - It is the rejection of fashion, into a more normal direction, something without style, well actually, quite normal and core basic. 

Have a look here and decide for yourself if it is really 'Core' or 'Basic!'

Uuuummmmm I'm not sure about that concept. Who actively wants to look basic?

This is definitely not - Normcore - it's much more about style than anything else! 
"You either have it or not" and they 'have it'.