Monday, 26 May 2014

Trends - Leather Vision - Beyond the zone!

More than a simple 'Biker Jacket'........

This takes our leather style down to the core of urban cool.
Layered with a styling message linked to the New York style of Alexandra Wang, this young man, in the streets of Amsterdam, creates a powerful alternative statement. (See the New York stories post.)

Vintage sunglasses, beanie hat, loose hooded top, wide neck customised T- shirt, allowing his 'Blue ink work" to be seen and admired - (I respect all those hours and all the needles!)

This could also be said to be 'Work in progress', as the 'Body art' continues, in an ongoing pursuit of the perfect individual touch!

Thanks for taking part, enjoy. SRx

Monday, 19 May 2014

Trends All Dressed Up - The London Cool Cats #2

Is it possible to break down the London 'Cool Cats style?'

Some simple accessories and a few, well chosen, 'Key Items' are the starting point, then an adoption of these cool ingredients to make it your own look!

Yes, that's it, give it a try!!

We will try and take you through 'Six Steps' to achieve 'Cool Cat Style!'

Step 1 - Key item - The Sweat Bomber in 'Black!'
Step 2 - Key item - The Casual Sweatshirt. - Black Pearl' (Dark Purple / Black.)
Step 3 - Key item - Skinny Black jeans
Step 4 - Key item Footwear - Nike Air - Black
Step 5 - Key Item - The Leather Rucksack - Black.
Step 6 - This seasons Cool Cat must have accessory - The Black Hat.

Of course, 'the look of - Effortless' is an statement, but 'not such an easy trick to make happen!' 
It lures you into working a little harder in the mirror to make sure you get it just right!

Thanks for taking part, enjoy the looks, Sid Rhule. x

Trends -All Dressed Up - The London Cool Cats

It was during an April afternoon recently, in Carnaby Street, London, that this 'style spotting' scene took place...... but, haven't we seen them before? 

When was it? See earlier post below!

Charlie, November 2013, Hanbury Street, London, E1.

What was it that made us remember this guy?
The smile, the laugh, the slick steps? 
Or was it the general "Cool Cats Style?

Yes definitely- that 'Cool Cats style!!

Charlie and his buddy were 'cool stepping' in London last week when our paths crossed....again!

It was a certainty that they needed to be featured in the latest version of the London Style Trends.

They had a look that was 'firing' on all cylinders.
All in Black, with a swagger that was modest but totally individual.

This mix of London / English style with the Bowler hat and the platformed Brogues made the right statement. In today's fashion stakes, it's the 'All in Black' theme, which brings this look into a classic modern dimension.

We all know by now that the bomber jacket is going to be one of this Fall / Winter 2014, 'Key Items' . So be sure to take these style tips on how to mix this classic iconic piece into a modern day hero!

Yes, there were some similarities to the ACF - (Art Comes First) - style dudes, or even the upcoming exposition #rudeboysreturn at Somerset house soon, but Charlie has something more than just youth, to make his look individual, it is the touch of the 'Ethnic / Japanese pattern' influence that brings this into it's own right, and of course the 'dapper dan' stripe socks!

click here to see more from Art Comes First on Instagram. 

click here Art Comes First on Instagram 

Just a little note but a big MUST - you need to book this exposition in your diaries! 


Return of the Rudeboy w/  

But we also need to take note as this modern guru, (Below.) has also some 'Cool Cat' steps of his own.
A little nod to Hood by Air  NYC collective, with the oversized, slouched hooded sweat top, clean black 'Coach' jacket and a multi patterned cap.

This was definitely something out of a 'Personal style' school. Adapted with an original twist.
We also love the smokey round frame 'shades' !

Thanks for taking part guys, and keep stepping out with the 'Cool Cat' moves!

Enjoy Sid Rhule. x

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Denim Daze - Boro at Somerset House.

Everyone is talking about it!
What is it? 
It is Boro.

It is always amazing when things appear, start as a soft whisper then gradually become more of a deafening crescendo! 
Since sometime last year B-O-R-O is one of those phenomena's!

The base of the Boro is original fabrics transformed into art and lifestyle indicators. The fabrics / clothing originate from the period of 1850 - 1950 - They were 'made' by Japanese everyday rural workers.
Some were kept as fabrics and used for bed linen or kept as Kimono style jackets and passed from generation to generation as heirlooms of sentimental value only. From these humble beginnings they create a cultural legacy documenting some of the lives of everyday Japanese workers.

They developed as the result of harsh dress codes, and rules as to what the poor could and couldn't wear, leading to these garments and fabrics developing a signature and aesthetic all of their own!

The beauty in recreated and crafted pieces of repaired work.
From poverty to works of art.

The repairing takes on various forms of artistic creativity, being patched and repaired in layers which in themselves, create strange landscapes of colours and textures. Through these intricate 'canvasses' we have become excited by the possibilities in turning fabrics from nothing into something delicate and treasurable.
Boro workshops have started to spring up everywhere! During the Blueprint show in Amsterdam there was one such workshop.
click here to see 'Looking forward to Boro workshop.'
Boro workshop at Blueprint. 

These were, once used fabrics, made into blankets and Kimono type jackets to protect the Japanese working class, while they laboured in rural fields. During this period, working class people, were only allowed to wear cotton fabrics, dyed Indigo, Brown or Grey. Thus identifying them as poor. (Silks and fancy fabrics were exclusively worn by the rich and higher classes.

These Boro fabrics, were worn or used until they needed to be repaid and patched. Some were so repeatedly repaired, that they soon took on a new life of their own. With the time spent 'making good' from rags, with dedicated work sewing in thick threads, and patching new contrasting pieces of 'found' or recycled fabrics to create, what we appreciate, as works of art.

The Art of the Boro was celebrated at Somerset House - Boro expo., where more than 35 Pieces were displayed.

Examples of Boro from Somerset house.

Other interesting Links into the world of the Boro- Trend Tablet made a feature

Enjoy. SR x

Blogshots London - Denim Daze - Boho style

Denim Daze - Filterlife Blogshots Jeans Applique.

Blogshots - Amsterdam Denim Days - Codes of Honour!

From the beauty of the 'dark rinse' wash, Guru's........ 

To the energy of the lighter washing Hipsters!

To the colourful Denim Hipsters!**
**Photo - credit - Denim Hipsters by Team Peter Stigter, at Kingpins Show Amsterdam..

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Calvin Klein Jeans London

A flash city visit to London highlights some new colours for the spring season.
The denim rainbow, a spectrum, from White, Sun Bleached Blue to Raw Blue.

Inspired by the Artist - the White Wash!.

Calvin Klein, Regent Street, London.

Blogshots - Amsterdam Denim Days - Combat Zone!

Trends Cool Bikes - In a Vintage State of Mind.

There is always something charming about a bike that is well matched.
It is a combination of harmony and synergy that creates the perfect fit. The right colour, a distinguished look, in Black with a twist of modernity - (matt black paint is very on trend at the moment!) An aged saddle, and add the final touch, a sense of no frills, and a cool guy in a vintage leather jacket, this is fashion and function at its best! 

This type of attention to style not only shows the owner has taste but also an eye for details.

From the Brookes saddle, to the Billingham 307, vintage, photography bag, it's beautifully balanced.
This transporter bike is in very good company.

But maybe this eye for detail is a give-away for the Profession of the owner?

As used by all the best PHOTOGRAPHERS! - From Mo Barends to Helmut Newton.
He is also a very cool Photographer, just in case you were wondering!

Vintage aged Leather jacket, a personal discovery!

Authentic ageing in the sleeves.

Smart style grey wash Jeans, COS.
Plus the very understated NB Sneakers.

Click here to see some of Mo's own photography. Mo Barends
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy SR x

Monday, 12 May 2014

Amsterdam Denim Days - Maverick Spirit.

This is a 'Maverick Spirit', expressive, free and determined to create the unconventional.

After a short discussion with Stacy, on the subject of how brands develop today, he expressed that with his label, Dempsey Denim, he aims to keep his prices very realistic. 
His collection of high quality, Japanese Selvedge edge, denims start at €150 per pair. 
He believes that more people should work on 'A fair price, for the right product'. 

"Why should creatively designed clothes be overpriced?" "it has to be accessible, the people I want to wear my denim, don't always have large disposable incomes." 

Why don't brands and designers price their items based on a true reflection of what it's worth?

The Maverick Spirit. The left handed 'ticket pocket'.

Authentic wash and natural creases.

It was evident that there is a deeper thinking behind this story. 
Stacey is 27 yrs old and believes that his young approach and his connected philosophy, brings him in contact with retailers that want to connect closer to his story and ideas.
This takes him into a different world where people appreciate his honesty and down to earth attitude.

This extends to a plan he has where with each pair of denims, there will be a cherished family recipe for a shared better, healthier future. 
We agreed that, honest stories bring us further than words or actions. They enter us into a creative zone that can feed our dreams and are an expression of our freedom.

The 'Maverick Spirit' is a blend of layers that carry a personal message. The mix of ancient fabrics, worn and distressed textures, driving a sense of independence and creativity.

There is a new generation coming through, who are influencing the future. 

Be part of the vision and enjoy the experience!

Cool Maverick style, layered, honest, creative.

Blended weave scarf, Versace "Liz Hurley- Dress pins" and an indigo nature.

Thanks for taking part. Enjoy SR x.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Amsterdam Denim Days - The Rebellious edge!

A view from inside the fair with Toyoshima International Denim Mill leads us into a depth and experience with honest wash denim fabrics. The Japan Collection was outstanding.

The collection progress through a total blue story. Where rich, sea blue indigos, are without many of the yarn effects from previous seasons and seem to be diving deeper into authentic looms finishes, and natural indigo colours.

Dry touch, 12oz, with, what, I like to feel, is a pure, faded authentic feel. 
One of the trends of the fair this season, is this grainy, slub look, with an "Old Timers" washing and aged scuffing effect.

This is just the 'top of the tree' with regards to the trend of "Extreme damaged and torn treatments....." expect a lot from this look on the streets next year.

At the Kingpins Show, Amsterdam

Extreme torn and tough denims with a rebellious attitude.

Enjoy SR x.

Amsterdam Denim Days - Kingpins show - 7th & 8th May.

Gashouder, Westergasfabriek

An overview of the 'Denim-ites' at Amsterdam Denim Days.
What's your indigo mood?

Enjoy SR x

Amsterdam Denim Days - A true taste of Blue.....

Of course the love of the Denim god was in full force. The worship began quite early, but we were only able to see the true 'Blue power' of the Denim god, as the sun came out, late afternoon and all the prayers were answered!

With all respect to the highly appreciated premium statements, we begin with an authentic Kyoto Kimono. The celebration of Japanese influences continues. The passion for the preserving of knowledge and ancient techniques, the heritage in artistry. It's these rare, woven delights, which keep us mesmerised with miniature, original patterns and warm natural indigo washes.

Amsterdam Denim Days, 

Ancient techniques and natural indigo colours.

Enjoy, SR x

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

London Style - Denim Daze - In great denim company!

It's like a London bus, you can wait for one for hours, but then suddenly 2 come along at the same time.....
I was having the same experience until I met Noel and Christopher!

Thankfully they were prepared to be photographed and share in design experiences.

One of which was the Jean Paul Gaultier Expo at the Barbican, London. (Until 25th August.)
"The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier. From the sidewalk to the Catwalk."

This is a great exposition, which was in Rotterdam last year, and now is touring Europe, with London as the current stop, absolutely fantastic.....

But back to the denim........
These guys were clearly 'Denim Cool'...... then, they had to be, as they were way too 'savvy' in their denims to be ordinary punters!

Noel, on the left, is a successful textile designer, with knitwear designs selling all over the world, as well as expressing his creativity through trends and creative predictions. 
It was clear that he had to be in something creative, to be able to 'effortlessly' mix and play with these great layers. The shades of blue create a rich ground of indigo, warmth and a soft fluidity.

Some of the SS14 key items are here, chambray denim Gilet, with workwear details is a great individual piece, plus the dark (Linen / Cotton?) shirt.

Great play with layering the chambray Gilet over the blazer!

Today was a Denim Daze day....

All in all, the scarf, the gilet, the ticking stripe blazer, all added to the texture of this cool 'Jeansy' style. It makes you want to jump on your bike, and scour as many vintage stores to recreate this look over and over again!

Love the hand printed scarf, for me, that was the 'Piece de resistance!' Great choice Noel!

Thanks Noel and Christopher for taking part and keep on 'Denimizing' ! 
Enjoy SR x.

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

9 April 2014 - 25 August 2014

This is a fantastic retrospective of his work from 1973- until modern day.
Everything is here, pieces from each of his collections since he started, plus some slightly creepy talking Mannequins. An exclusive interactive design first.

Check out the link on Instagram, from when I visited the expo at Rotterdam Kunsthal museum last year.