Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Trends: Amsterdam Cool. - The Leather Trends Gallery.

A lot of people have the question .... "What is it to be on trend?"

The answer is always in the details...
.....To pick up on those 'small details' and an eye for style that's what!
Things just happen to fit and tick all the right boxes.

The 'Black on Black' statement has been something 'Hot' for a while, add to that a twist of the fashionable 'Top Knot', vintage inspired leather biker and that's the touch of flair - that fashion is made of!

Bryan, has the 'cool' to pull off this look with an easy relaxed style!

Dancing is his profession, but style is in his blood.....

Thanks very much to Bryan for taking the time to be part of this story....
Enjoy, Sid Rhule.