Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Senses - Street Mischief & fashion colours - London Voice

Well with the first days of Spring finally in the air, the blossom is opening, the trees (and the pollen!) are coming alive and the Daffodils are suddenly coming into bloom!

Following the round of PFW, NYFW, LFW, MFW and all the countless fashion weeks globally, there are some clear statements to take note of, one of the first of these, in my view, is always colour.

This means we can expect to breathe in a 'fresh new step' into 'fresh colours' and experimental statements. 

It also means that we can open up our 'sense of creativity'. 
Mix up your primary statements.
Add a flash of neon.
Take inspiration from the sports culture or 'Sports Couture' as we are being informed....
Look to invest in 'K-way' or sports hybrid brands.
Give yourself a little go faster touché!


My 'spot of choice' was of course Red Church Street, London, E2. - You will need to be fast if you want to check out the street art, it may still be visible - (those council terrorist can be quick to clean up the artworks!!)

The trends are showing a fantasy mood, linked to 'optimism' and as a counter effect to the finical crisis and the strongly dramatic 'Black on Black' statement which shrouded us last winter. 
Today is a new day and it is definitely more primary, more colour blocked, a careful mix of colour and positive contrasts!

This links us strongly to many of the new sportswear and catwalk influences. 
Sneaker culture and sporty colours, details, and flashes are all in vogue currently and influencing many street styles and graphic imagery.

On a recent trip to my beloved 'East London', this was a confirmation without restraint!!

Apparently - This is often the case, in a year where there is a very visible sporting event - like for example, the World Cup! 

It has a clear and positive connection to the creative and commercial efforts from our sports marketing buddies. 

Hypebeast.com Adidas originals ZX Memphis.

We can also link this to the positive healthy statements and the current 'Marathon culture'. I think we have probably never seen so many 'amateur runners' taking over our streets! 
In the eighties it was the American style 'Power walkers' and today it's 'wannabe' Mo Farah's!

We can also say that World Cup fever is starting, if not a little early. 
Its still 65 days to go and counting! 

Its better to 'be prepared' than be too late to track down your favourite team shirt!

- But by the look of this little, cheeky character he is well prepared in his golden Brazil T shirt!