Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Blog shots - 'Denim Daze' - Focus London

#Blog #Flashback. In 2013 we looked at the rise of the LDJ - The Little Denim Jacket!

The message here is all in the layers.
The denim jacket- of course is again present, but this time with some slight customisation along the way! 

The statement is in a brighter 80's style, blue denim, with soft washing. 
It's the total look, which is the king, is mixing the more primary blue and red with a washed olive tone.

This is a style statement in simplicity and practicality, but the layers and accessories give away an alternative passion!
It can be true to know someone by their style- he definitely looks like a dancer? No?

Meet Rodrigo.
Job : Dance choreographer.
Born : Rio Brazil.
Inspirational moment: Dancing at the ICA.
Passion: Music. Old school Hip Hop - Tone Loc!
Loves: London, because the random people you meet on the night bus!
Meeting point: James street, Piccadilly, London.
Denim: Dolce Gabbana.
Denim style : Retro alternative.

Blog shots - Sid Rhule enjoy!