Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Blog Shots - Denim Daze - Focus Amsterdam

Denim Daze is an international statement looking to the heart and details of personal denim style.
The focus is the people and their denim, the statement is inspirational for a new generation who are walking in their personal 'Love Affair' with their Denim.

We see who, and what motivates them in their Denim Daze style.

Meet Aram Haagsman.
Job : Co Founder / President of Tin Ear Management.
Born : Alkmaar, The Netherlands - 'The home of good Cheese!'.
Inspirational moment: Discovering new bands and exposing them to new opportunities.
Instrument: Drums.
Loves: Amsterdam, because you are free to be who you want to be!
Meeting point: Foam, Amsterdam, William Klein Expo.
Denim: Levi’s original Denim Jacket.
Denim style : Authentic Beatnik with a smile.
Band to watch: Maison du Malheur.
(There are many, but this is one of them!)

Maison Du Malheur image courtesy of Tin Ear Management.

Blog shots - Sid Rhule enjoy!