Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Trends Marc Jacobs - The Return of the fashion Mojo #2

Is it all the same?

How are we expressing our individuality? 
It's still showing a lot of leather blends, colour blocks in fantasy patterns and neo modernist print design or cuts and shapes, even Black and white silhouettes are being recycled..... but then there is NYC.

My Fashion mojo is on it's next search....... and it's in New York that we find it!

So, when you have all of your time to focus on your own label, without the pressures and the fast turning machine, that is always on full charge, that is Louis Vuitton...... What do you do?

Well, you experiment with your own twist on luxury, glamour and seductive colours. 
Beautiful cut necklines, slinky trouser suits and soft fluid jump suits. You do all this until you feel in the mood to throw in some fur jackets and a play with tonal colour or surreal dip dye.
Softness, luxury warmth and a mesmerising selection of Winter fantasy. 

Feminine delicacy and graceful graded colours is the mood of the Marc Jacobs RTW FW14.

The sheepskin Bomber jackets were something their 'Original owners' could have been proud of! Well let's say that maybe there will be some designer sheep dip dyeing next fall on the farms of              New Zealand!
But the delicate colours kept a beautiful blend of rich tones and feminine power. Soft shoulders and slightly ballooned sleeves kept the silhouettes rounded and at the same time elongated.

The looks were powerful while not missing the beat of a demure retro 80's vibe. This winter of new knits was launched with a statement in Knitted tunics, slim knit pants and sheath dresses.

Decorated glory.
This is where the excellence steps off the New York radar!
The finite details with the mix of sequins and fine crystal beads, leaves this dress a piece of art- and possibly very heavy too!

With a nod to the art deco mood, the swirls of decoration and light woven base allow a movement and freedom that is part of this optimistic and modern visual statement.

But its the mix of decorative sparkle and the lounge mood luxury that brings this to my focus.
Step out and be free and enjoy the "Happy Days !"

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