Friday, 7 March 2014

Trends - A kiss from Louis Vuitton PFW FW2014

Well, he didn't trigger the models into smiling, but do we care.....? 
This is the Million dollar kid after all......

Nicolas Ghesquiére with his first collection in the creative seat at Louis Vuitton.

Now that he left the grips of PPR, - Kering (Caring- Really?) to join the 'bosom' of LVMH - is it really better? At least we can say, he has a new sense of freedom and a new signature to write. 

Some of the signatures came in monochrome, some in hipster chic, camel and denim and some in a great sense of proportion with attention to top collars, cropped leather jackets and a new 'A line' fitted dress.


This is a well balanced and edgy comeback for the king of Luxury, High Fashion!

Of course the Fast fashion retailers will get these looks into the high street before you can say "Large Louis Vuitton Paycheck!" But then imitation is still the highest form of flattery! 

Plus there are still many millions of Asian consumers who do not want the made in China label and will pay the extra Dollars, Yen, or Euros for the 'Made in France' kudos!

But with all this, we have to say "Yes!" to this the new collection from Nicolas Ghesquiére, as he has definable shown he ca still bring the right balance of edge, cool, street vibe and all the attention to the details and material combinations.

This will give the 'Slimanites' something to think about, following a predictable, but still cool PFW show and it will also allow the LV consumers, to feel hip at the same time as being rich!

In total, I feel - A little bit Chloe, A little bit Slimane, and a lot of cool! 
This is definitely the start of something - Rock on!