Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Trends - Foxy style check.

Something for the ladies........

Keep it wild Blue and Emerald green!
8 parts Utility, 2 parts Denim and 10 parts Foxy style.

We know that this is the moment for special accessories, everywhere we look we can see innovative styles in clutch purses, colourful geometric designs in hand bags and shoulder bags. Refined jewellery and fancy creative touches in earrings and necklaces are really topping of many looks.  

Of course the rising star of the moment... a little attention to understated make up and effortless beauty... but don't over do it!

Its amazing what a simple Dark Red tone lipstick can do to freshen up your smile......

As with the boys, we see a statement in blue on blue colour dressing, which will continue for some time. 
Keep it simple.. and mix in shades and textures. 
Jackets continue to inspire and excite, Swing coats, A line jackets and a Belted waist lines are here to accent on the femininity, whilst keeping this look modern and city versatile.

This is a statement in tonal dressing with a sultry attitude, a lesson in chic and effortless individuality.

Watch out for this Winter coming up.. YOU NEED FUR and A HAT! 

They are wearing .....