Monday, 11 March 2013

The Circus of Fashion vs The Sad Clown.

This is the subject of 3 great blog articles arising from the fuss and craziness of the fashion circus.

I read these this morning and felt compelled to write a response on the subject.
But before you read my response, please have a look at the links below. 
It made for very interesting reading.

It was all started by Suzy Menkes, from T magazine. (The New York Times magazine.) 
It is based on Paris fashion Week, and what's happening outside, more than inside, 
but of course it always includes a little front row action! 

See below.
Q. Where will this blogging story take us?

A. It's started to get a little intellectual, and I think that it's quite a good moment to pause and reflect... enjoy

SR x

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"Hello Susie, and to the long list of commenters!
It appears that the Menkes article has generated a lot of traffic and interesting comment. That's the real tribute to Blogging. It's interactive, engaging, connected and a fun community.

I would like to add a little comment of my own, perhaps some of what I would like to say has been commented on already, but I was really inspired to think deeper into the reality of Blogging.

I love the whole mood of fashion at the moment.
It has an energy that reminds me of my clubbing days in the Philip Salon era at the Mud Club, London Charing Cross road, in the late 80's!!!

I graduated in fashion design at Brighton, (Quite a few years ago now!) and have worked my way through this "Crazy Fashion Circus", styling, writing, predicting trends, designing menswear, until now, as a creative director, I develop creative concepts as my living.

Here is where the modern world starts to clash with some of Menkes rather traditional comments. It has always been an important factor as a designer to communicate your message and conceptual ideas, writing creative inspirations for press releases, directing photoshoots or briefing external creatives.

Today there is a much wider pool for inspiration and as a way to record these inspirations I also started my own blog around 6 years ago. I have also written for magazines and I think the success of Blogging and Bloggers, such as you, is the way in which you communicate. This is in a way that continues that fashion experience and inspiration. You are feeding the creative world.

This is where some of the more traditional press commentaries fail; their reports are so factual and flat. It is not in keeping with the 'insane' fashion world, where fabrics are expensive, ideas are irreverent and passion is the main fuel for this madness. How can their reports make the so "Crazy" become so sanitised!

We are living in a story telling world.
We want moments of escapism and ways to enjoy the exposure of new messages.

This is why I enjoy Blogging, and reading the stories from Bloggers.

In a negative way, some video diaries and photo book, all, flicker style pictures of what people have on each day, definitely bring down the message, power and influence of "Real Blogging".

When I want to see examples of the latest delivery from Zara- I'll visit one of the many, mega stores presenting low quality, inspired by the top designer collections, which are very easy to find!

I don't need to see someonelse's wardrobe on a daily basis. I can do that in the paved streets of any high street, globally!

We live in a period of great change and invention.
Change in dress styles and adventure.

I think this is a wake up call for everyone involved in the industry, of fashion, monitored and edited or not to keep the content and the views inspirational and high quality. (And humorous!)

Keep it up Susie; I particularly enjoyed your marathon story from last year, an exposure of your personal goals and inspirational achievements. Great stuff!

Sid Rhule