Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Brands - Zuzunaga - Beautiful designs, beautiful mission.

Bright ideas, new ideas.
The home interior collection at Le Bon Marche, Paris has exploded with a burst of energy and passion in new patterns and experimentation with new colour combinations. Looking around the department you see the interpretation of the catwalk statements of the season. 
Decorative patterns and intricate designs.

SS2013 will show us all a message in really, true, honest self expression, but we are already seeing some brands who are starting a small creative revolution.

Why not use this digital age as an inspiration and a source of creativity?
Why not look at video games and the basics of Bitmap art? 
Well that's exactly what they've done at Zuzunaga.

Tip of the month.
These super soft merino wool blankets are definitely "Must Have" items for the season, and will be a absolute winner for Fall 2013. 

Don't be late they won't wait!!

Knitted Blankets at Le Bon Marche, Paris.

Zuzunaga Ltd. 26 Ermine Mews, Laburnum street, London E2 8BF.

Beautiful new colours, super soft textures and a sociological supportive project.

The woven, knit combination in blankets and cushions have been inspired by digital art and pixilated images from Zuzunaga.
The brand is determined to represent a mission to: 

"Create unique, colourful interior products and fashion accessories......."

Based between Barcelona and London, the designer Cristian Zuzunaga is developing products that are produced with a local culture in Italy and Spain.

Zuzunaga interiors collection at Le Bon Marche, Paris.