Sunday, 24 February 2013

Style spotting: Psy in London

Is he or isn't he?
On Tuesday afternoon,last week, dashing around in London, from Bond Street to Piccadilly, on my way to the ICA, who did I meet, no really who?

..............................It had to be PSY.

The only thing is, I'm not quite sure?
It looked like him, he had a good style, he was trying to be a little 'incognito', but I was sure it was him, he had his 'Swag!'

As I approached him with the excitement of an expectant child, with my eyes glazing over with the dizziness of a starstruck  'Groupie', I asked Psy, for an autograph!

Hello,  er hello....................... Psy, Psy?   ........ can  I.......?. can I........?. but you are Psy...........aren't you?  

From Gangnam style? 

He looked at me with a kind of loose sense of denial, the type of denial from a 'Cop' with his cover blown, a type of denial to stop and make you think, but without a great amount of conviction.....! 

"No, No" he replied.

But if it wasn't him, then how do they look so alike!! 

It was an incredible scene ........ the man who .......... 1,345,032,987 people have viewed in his video clips, and more must have listened to his songs, and now here he was standing in front of me, in front of a number 38 Bus, wearing my Margiela... (H&M) coat...... I had to shake his hand, just had to!

This is the real Psy from Gangnam style video clips...............
And this is the person I saw in London's West End, incognito!
What do you think, is it him?

The girl on the phone was also with him! 
His PA? Or his girlfriend?

He tried to shrug me off!!
......But I know he's the one! 
Boom, I 'Papped' him, Gangnam Style!

Trends : Multi coloured 'Geek Chic.'

The 'Geek Chic' look is gathering momentum! 

Starting with a preppy statement last year, we have moved further into a look of pure, alternative style.
Very comfortable and a perfect opportunity to really wear  new colours.

The must have items of the month!!

For men and women the multi coloured fluorescent knit is a definite must. 
The great news is Carven have the same knit as the women collection Kenzo!!

Carven Menswear knit at Liberty's in London or Colette in Paris. 
But be quick!!
Shorts are optional!!

Kenzo Multi coloured tape yarn pullover.
Women's version of THE Knit at Le Bon Marche, Paris.

Kenzo women's collection Le Bon Marche.

Celine's new sweatshirt inspired pullover / top.
Asymmetrical, patchwork pullover, using pieces of mock snakeskin, fur and fine gauge cotton knit.

Friday, 22 February 2013

London: PDT- Secret addresses!

PDT- Please Don't Tell! - Inspired by the bar in New York's East Village back in the days! 

These are the list of 'Up and coming' brands and stores, the kind where you can create you own individual look!

As a starter on your PDT list is:

Fourth & Main

17 Newburgh St  London W1.

This is a 'Must See' store in the Carnaby street area, tucked in the back streets, near the Levi's Vintage store.

Fourth and Main, have a great offer of well tailored jackets, shirts, trousers and recently introduced a men's bespoke, tailored, suit collection. 
Make an appointment with their tailor and choose your fabric, buttons and lining and in 4 weeks, you can have a hand made tailored blazer or suit!

Trends: London Menswear.

"Coats, Beautiful Coats!"

On a beautiful day in London, what more do you need than a great coat?
Just out exploring the stores and fashion hunting, you always need to dressed to impress. 

Regent Street, London. February 2013.

The perfect example of style over fashion.
These days, an outfit is made what it is, by ................ of course the right accessories!

The ribbon bow-tie brings a touch of originality and the "Man Bag" in red snakeskin, adds a sense of sartorial style.
One of the big trends this SS2013 is about the mismatching of style statements. 
Adding a touch of colour is the clash that makes things interesting, even if doesn't hold much more than a map highlighting some cool local addresses!! 

Style tip! Probably the best taupe 'Pea Coat' that I've seen in a long while!!
x SR

Trends - Bright Ideas. Spring 2013

Following on from the Black and White statement, we view colour as the new perfect addition in our lives. 
A message that is completely dependent on:
New materials- ultra lightweights, super transparent and with a modern, future techno appeal. 

The new colours show up as "Fresh, Lively and completely Flashy"
These fresh colours take on different life in new inventive shapes and a combination with spontaneous combinations and inspiring, ultra bright colours.

Moving us all out of the 'Fall Winter 12' mood has taken some strain, with the additional winter weather we've had across Europe. 

No matter how beautiful the snow is, it is still difficult to justify "stepping out" in our new styles and bursts of seasonal inspiration!

Come on, you need to admit it, "The material is just too lightweight to be really warm!
and its definitely  "Just a little too loud and a little too fashion victim for these icy conditions!"

But now, with the wave of new Spring light and the gorgeous bright mornings, we can look forward to exposing our new creative expression!!

The Spring Summer 2013 season has kicked off with some beautiful hues of fluorescent yellow, bright blues, fresh greens and sharp coral orange.

Last week in Paris, the mix of furniture and designer dresses, completely captured the essence of these "Bright Ideas."

New materials, new colours in iconic shapes and a blend of effortless chic.

Le Bon Marche, Paris Feb 2013

Simone Rochas SS2013
The collection of heavily embroidered dresses, skirts and tops are fantastic in fluorescent coral orange and electric yellow. The experiment and creativity in embroidering on lightweight organza......... this is the statement in  "Bright Ideas". Invention, modernity and romance.

Carven Spring summer 2013.
Architectural shapes in dynamic new fresh colours.

Celine Spring Summer 2013
The modern goddess look.
Bright Blue and white with fluid materials and sharp electric accents.

Brand of 2012, 2013, 2014......... Kenzo. Jungle collection.
This is definitely on the "Listes des envies!!" 
Great bright colours, great knits and endless combinations.

Kenzo Spring Summer 2013. The best yet!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Trends: Black and White style SS2013

I love the way that we see the designer stores highlighting the:

 "The freshest of the fresh" and "the newest of the new". 

It's the buzz of the new season, a designer fashion "Clean up!"

Time to take a look at our style message and decide, "Is this the way we want to be seen in 2013?!"

Now, there are many stores which are rich with their new collections right now, especially the department stores. Le Bon Marche Paris, Liberty's London, who both feature an ultra modern statement in 'Black and White'.

Jill Sander

Jill Sander 2013

Jill Sander Spring 2013

Making a perfect follow on from the "Totally Black on Black" looks from the Winter 2012, which we now can re-twist with a fresh white element.

These dynamic looks from Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Celine and Proenza Schouler highlight some simple lines and a clean, elongated silhouette.

Fine pipings in black and white with refined, delicate details in edging and pattern twists or bold use of mono-colour blocking, express a statement in modernity and a continuous attitude, of a dangerous rock chic....

Balenciaga, SS2013

Proenza Schouler SS2013.

Acne SS2013

Bottega Veneta SS2013

Bottega Veneta SS2013

Balenciaga SS 2013.

Celine Pre Fall 2013

Celine Pre Fall 2013

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Paris Shops- Beautiful Geometrics

Let's look at the Future Nova!
A modern future that is inspired by architecture and modern design.

New lines, new expression and new statements in constructivist design.

This start season we look at multiple versions of graphical expression.
Overlapping, repeating, and mesmeric lines converge in bi colour and multiple colour combinations.

Le Bon Marche is pushing the boundaries of Graphic patterns, with a brand it has added to its selection this season. Rouge du Rhin

Rouge du Rhin recognises the beauty of intricate digital and kaleidescopic patterns.

Rouge du Rhin.

Rouge du Rhin, Le Bon Marche. Paris.

Pierre Hardy, Accessories, Paris

Graphic store layout and identity at Balenciaga.

Brands - Zuzunaga - Beautiful designs, beautiful mission.

Bright ideas, new ideas.
The home interior collection at Le Bon Marche, Paris has exploded with a burst of energy and passion in new patterns and experimentation with new colour combinations. Looking around the department you see the interpretation of the catwalk statements of the season. 
Decorative patterns and intricate designs.

SS2013 will show us all a message in really, true, honest self expression, but we are already seeing some brands who are starting a small creative revolution.

Why not use this digital age as an inspiration and a source of creativity?
Why not look at video games and the basics of Bitmap art? 
Well that's exactly what they've done at Zuzunaga.

Tip of the month.
These super soft merino wool blankets are definitely "Must Have" items for the season, and will be a absolute winner for Fall 2013. 

Don't be late they won't wait!!

Knitted Blankets at Le Bon Marche, Paris.

Zuzunaga Ltd. 26 Ermine Mews, Laburnum street, London E2 8BF.

Beautiful new colours, super soft textures and a sociological supportive project.

The woven, knit combination in blankets and cushions have been inspired by digital art and pixilated images from Zuzunaga.
The brand is determined to represent a mission to: 

"Create unique, colourful interior products and fashion accessories......."

Based between Barcelona and London, the designer Cristian Zuzunaga is developing products that are produced with a local culture in Italy and Spain.

Zuzunaga interiors collection at Le Bon Marche, Paris.