Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Sketch Book.

The excitement of Spring Summer 2013 draws up some new and inspiring messages.
Below is a snapshot of some of the interesting things in my sketch book at the moment.

1. Riviera Chic
2. Tailored dandy
3. Denim Heirloom
4. Nautical Style
5. Collision

This year has begun with some economic drama stories, is the UK in or out of the EU?
How will the economies of Europe and America ever step out of recession?
What are the longer term effects of these situations on the consumer market?

All serious questions, but it has to be our job, as creatives and designers, to create new energy and emotional stimulation from within these gloomy days?
fashion and trends roll on what ever the weather. Some moving faster than others, but there are some underlying messages. Some logic to the madness.

We are, after- all, not going to change these things. We can look back but we can only move forwards.

This is the new world order. 
Things have not been the same for a long time and will not be the same again in the future.

Everything has reset and started again, it has to be a focus on building. What are you building for the future? How will you stimulate your creativity? How will you trigger your desires?

Future Vision.
The important thing to note is that we are living in a period of Future Vision.
New technologies are creating, lighter, warmer, thinner, stronger, brighter more expensive and inexpensive fabrics and garments than ever before.
We can even colour things in ways that were never before possible.
But we still use, more or less, the same techniques to produce garments, in ways that we have always done.

This Future Vision is justified by exploration and a new mood of pioneering, moving into areas of discovery.
Our new sense of discovery is creative, open, free thinking, independent and experimental, but it has one condition......

The condition is that we maintain a sense of tradition. Traditional craft, traditional values, a sense of excellence from hand made and hand crafted hand work. Things that we recognise as valuable form the past. 

It is understood that all new things are only possible as we learn to appreciate and understand a crucial component to make new things........... SKILLS.

These are the skills of the past, handed on with extravagant stories and recorded in family heirlooms. Now they are being coupled with the technologies of the future. Thus creating a tension and explosion in emotional sensitivities.

These are the new Sweet Spots.


The Scrap Book SS2013
Riviera Chic

Nautical Style.
Heritage Lords.

Collision Denim.

It's all about the Signs....